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Our environmentally friendly composite fencing products are made with recycled materials. Due to the presence of recycled materials, some color and texture variations may occur. Installation Guide Composite fencing by UltraDeck is low maintenance. UltraDeck composite fencing is a Blend of plastic and recycled wood 

Another material in the composite mix is the color. Other companies use expensive UV inhibitors, but their fences always fade. is smarter. When the fencing is manufactured, the material is over pigmented (meaning there is extra color added), so it will naturally weather to the correct color. Everything 

Naturally beautiful ranch rail fence. Give your yard a face lift. Relax in privacy. Easy maintenance. Decking that blends beautifully. Hide unsightly dumpsters. Our materials stand up to the elements. Matching gates. Colors match easily. Provides complete privacy. Low maintenance, no painting or sealing. Classy dumpster 

C O M P O S I T E F E N C I N G. Note: Although composite fencing does not require any maintenance to preserve the life span of the fence, it will weather over time and blend into the surrounding area as a timber fence does. Composite fencing will work out much cheaper over time compared to timber panels, which would 

the fence, it will weather over time and blend into the surrounding area as a 

In the early 1990's composite decking which blend synthetic resin materials with organic fillers (wood flour, plastic bags, rice hulls, etc.) began to appear. While these products were intended to be a longer lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to wood, it was soon evident the many shortcomings that presented 

It is a uniquely designed, non-metallic fencing system that is non-conductive and radar friendly, making it well suited for the protection of utility substations, airports, and military applications. The ANC Fence System is made up of proprietary composite blend of non-conductive materials configured to 

composite fencing makes your life easier with a fence that is 

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