can you put fence paint on decking

Best Answer. Do not use any form of fence paint or stain on your decking. It will not be as hard wearing durable as a decking oil. Decking oil will protect against drying & splitting, water penetration & reduce the risk or warping & swelling to your decking. Answered 18th May 2017. Did you find this helpful? 1.

Staining Timber Decking - Learn all about how to stain your timber decking including how to clean and prepare it, when to stain it and what stain you should use. If your decking is close to a wooden fence you might want to use the same colour for both for a uniform effect, or you might choose to have a contrasting darker 

WHEN TO OIL, STAIN OR PAINT YOUR DECK. If your deck has been previously finished with either an oil or stain coating, it is recommended that you use a product that is compatible as this will give you the best result. Here are a few tips on how to tell how your deck has been treated previously. Oil: You 

Not only can you stain treated wood, staining and painting pressure treated wood is actually good for your new deck. Although the treated wood doesn't need to be The kind of stain you put on your deck and when you apply it depend on the type and condition of your treated wood. There are three basic categories of 

You should bear in mind that many paints are best avoided for timber as they can often flake and peel under heavy foot traffic, as well as obscuring the If you're still unsure, see our guide below on the difference between paint, stain & oil. . This includes garden furniture, sheds, gates, fencing and more.

Only use on decking on the basis that you'll know that a further coat will be necessary (applied via a brush - in my case a fence brush duct taped to their pole) to make sure the stain gets into the decking grooves. My first coat with this item meant I had no choice but to do a second coat with a brush as it left a mismatch of 

Not only does a topcoat treatment preserve the longevity of your deck and fence, the improvement it gives to the exterior aesthetics of your property will also Whatever choice you make, always make sure you always go for speciality paint or stain products that are designed to withstand the weather 

With the British summer coming to an end and with the weather starting to worsen, we all need to start thinking about how to protect our wooden garden products. Be it a timber bench, fencing, or decking, these may be susceptible to rot, fungi, or weathering which may reduce their lifespan. Even pressure 

Should I use paint or stain? Adam Guilford, deck service manager at Decktec Outdoor Design in Golden, Colorado, suggests using only stain on deck floors, but paint can be used on vertical surfaces, such as deck posts or fences. Horizontal surfaces, such as the deck floor, experience more foot traffic and 

Unsurprisingly, you only need to use one coat of our One Coat Fence Life to colour and protect your fence or shed. Perfect if you You don't have to worry about it greying either, as it's colour will last a couple of years. Job done. Get lots of stain on your brush, put a good thick coat on and don't spread it too far. This stain 

Knowing which product is best for your garden decking can depend on a number of factors. This is a tricky one because in general, decking stains and oils tend to be very different products, that work in different ways. . Suitable for both softwood and hardwood decking, and sheds, fences, pergolas.

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