timber flooring on top of concrete patio floor

Find out the best way of levelling concrete floors using a levelling compound to lay floor tiles, laminate flooring, wooden flooring, carpets and vinyl. If the floor slab or screed is less than 5mm out of level you can use a self-levelling flooring compound, or self levelling screed. You can buy self levelling floor screed 

Because the insulation is laid continuously across the floor there is no cold bridging through the battens, such as in timber floors. This means that a thinner Concrete slabs should be allowed to dry out fully prior to the installation of Kingspan Thermafloor TF70 (average 1 day per mm of slab thickness). The surface of the 

The most professional way to fit wood on to concrete is to use damp prior floor paint then screed the floor and lay the wood on top using the correct flooring glue witch dries like rubber for any expanchion. Many thanks darren at FloorFit-connection.com. Answered 19th May 2011. Did you find this helpful? 16.

If the bearers (wood supports that will bear the weight of the decking) are not level, use thin offcuts of treated timber to level them, before laying the deck. On soft Replace the soil you have removed from beneath each slab with a bed of gravel. Each bearer will need a paving slab to support it at least every 1.5m. 11.

Once the slab is poured, the excess moisture must leave the slab in order to strengthen the concrete bond and to permit successful flooring installations. Moisture-related damage to flooring materials is, of course, possible, but the real risk to a successful floor lies between the concrete slab and the flooring itself.

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