planter boxes out of old fences

Start by sorting your wood, this fence was rotted and we had to replace it. I'm sorting by boards and posts to see what I can reuse. I set up my saw on some saw horses and started cutting out the rotted pieces, then sorted them by length.

So, today I am sharing a simple DIY scrap wood planter box that you can make! How to make a planter box from old fence boards! I have a stack of old fence boards left over from when I had my fence replaced last year so I picked out a couple of pieces to create my new planter box. Here is how to make one 

If you're considering using old fence boards for your boxes, you know they're weather-hardy, now you'll just need to make sure those old boards are strong Using nails and a hammer or screws and a drill, attach the long sides of your planter box to the outside edges of the 4-by-4 posts, making the long boards flush with 

Anyone who has had to replace an old fence has wondered what to do with all the old wood. One useful idea is to construct a variety of simple planter boxes to decorate your yard or garden. Measuring, cutting and assembling the boxes takes very little time, and since you will be using recycled wood, the 

These are the inexpensive dog eared fence boards you can buy at most lumber yards and big box stores like Lowes and , they are not cut to be exact dimensions and can vary widely. Usually Be sure to drill holds for proper drainage, I drilled mine towards the back of the planter where it hangs off the deck rail.

How to build raised garden bed boxes and place them over a grassy area in the yard. Each box costs about By afternoon you will have a garden ready for planting. Materials To make one side, lay out 3 wooden stakes (end, middle, end) and place the fence picket over them, making sure the ends are square. Secure the 

Fence planters are one of the best ways to brighten up a backyard and bring the colors of flowers and shrubs up from the ground and at eye level. No need to run out to the hardware store and load up with materials to build elaborate boxes. Most of An old used pallet, a few coats of paint, and place where you please.

Instead of a boring fence wrapping your property, you can use planter boxes to add a splash of color and style. This can After peeling off the labels and rinsing a used can out, you can paint them vibrant colors and fill them with small flowers. Build a free standing wall of crate planters by securing old fruit crates together.

Are you need of a garden fence ideas that doesn't set you back high? Perhaps Learn how to build a garden bed that is durable and keeps out weeds and pests Excellent step by step DIY for how to build raised planter boxes from This Old House - stagger corners to increase stability, especially if putting a seat on top.

I help my parents replace a fence at their house and kept some of the old fence boards to repurpose. One of the ideas I had was to make some flower boxes. Its a The fence board have been sitting out in the weather for who knows how many years so they are warped, cuped, bowed, etc. You might have 

Commercial garden boxes tend to be either overpriced or of poor quality. The boxes we purchased on sale from a well-known Australian Shop purveying Reject goods rotted away to almost nothing in the space of 2 seasons: old boxes. By comparison, fence palings are treated to withstand moisture and 

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