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Updating your deck or patio is a snap with these easy-to-install decking tiles. Honey Deck tiles come in hexagon medallions that give decks a unique honeycomb pattern. The tiles are made from unfinished, pressure-treated pine and can be easily sectioned to fit a variety of dimensions and shapes. www.homedepot.com

Modular decking is real timber boards prefabricated into panels that are fast and easy to install. Appearance. Because modular decking is made of real wood, you can choose from Merbau, treated pine and more. Installation. Modular decking is incredibly easy to install, even on uneven surfaces. The deck kit includes 

The ultimate DIY guide on how to sand wooden floors yourself and achieve a professional finish! Step by Step guide with tips, really fine paper either. It really does make your floor much smoother, more professional and easier to maintain. .. Is is obvious once the floors have been treated? A few are also 

Our ⅝ SHEDFloor Treated Flooring will elevate the look of your shed or barn while outperforming other options on the market. Lumber for Shed Flooring.

Finding holes and frass on your furniture or flooring isn't always a cause for concern, they might just be signs of a previous woodworm infestation which has long You can easily treat Common Furniture beetles with a brush, dip or spray application of a Permethrin-based woodworm treatment on all timbers 

Today, whitewashed floorboards are a favourite because of their versatility and ability to complement nearly every interior style. While looking fantastic, they don't take over a room. bleached living room floor. Image Source: Homes & Property. Unfortunately, achieving flooring perfection isn't easy. Whitewashing is usually a 

One of the best things about lacquered finish wood flooring is that spills, if they're wiped up reasonably quickly, won't seep into the body of your floor. The main downside when you choose a lacquer is that it tends to scuff and scratch more easily than an oiled finish, so it's doubly important to invest in really 

Since Quick-Step introduced laminate floors many years ago, they've gained a solid reputation for timeless beauty, easy installation and an eye for detail. This way, you needn't worry about annoying electrostatic discharges. What's more, thanks to the treatment, your floor will attract significantly less dust than other floors.

Follow our easy steps on how to clean hardwood floors. Transform your floors from Follow our easy steps to transform your floors from dull and grimy to gleaming, gorgeous and clean! Penetrating seal-treated and oil-treated floors: A penetrating seal or oil finish will soak into the wood grain and harden.

This does mean that you do have to be very carful with the floor during fitting and once it's laid. You must make sure that the floor, once fitted, is covered and protected so that you or your workmen do not cause any accidental damage. If you damage or stain a pre-treated board you can't easily put it right. Whereas if it was 

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