cover stairs with composite decking

Learn how to build deck stairs using 2x12 stringers. A deck's stairway should be planned for carefully, so that all the stair rises (the vertical height of the steps) and all the tread depths (the horizontal length of the step runs) are equal. Risers are boards installed on end to cover the vertical spaces between the treads.

Article about building deck stairs for a low deck. Low deck stairs with composite decking treads. Deck Basics: Building Basic Deck Stairs With Composite Treads And Risers. In This Article: Supporting structure is added to . Covering The Stair Stringers: I attached a piece of decking to the riser. I often use 

Stair Tread. Steps or stairway boards that are the steps. Start Clip. Metal clips used at the end of decking boards to secure them in position. Stringer Before installing any product, you should review local building codes and regulations, and consult with local building officials covered under 's Limited Warranty.

Standard lumber with a curved fascia jazzes up these decks. Typically, I make the treads from composite decking that I bend to the radius of the stair using heat blankets (see Tool Kit, "Bending Composite Decking," May June 2007; I also don't cover how to bend plastic decking.

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