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Install synthetic teak decks and skip the constant maintenance. I love unoiled, natural “blond,” teak decks, but I don't like keeping them that way. Mazel often accepts templates from boat owners in his shop and delivers finished teak panels, nearly ready to be glued down, for around $50 per square foot.

Teak Deck, some comparisons on cost and materials 15 k £ plus tax plus teak about £5K for side decks only, with me doing all prep work and all replacement. A UK reputable teak deck expert is Barry Lovell of TLC Boat Repairs, he did Tom Cunliffe's boat Constance https: www.tlc-boat-repair.co.uk .

Customized Flexiteek 2G Synthetic Marine Boat Teak Decking Flooring Scrubbed With Black Or White Caulking. This listing is for customized Flexiteek 2G Synthetic Marine Boat Teak Decking Flooring Scrubbed With Black Or White Caulking. The per square meter price is 300 GBP or the per square feet price is 29 GBP.

Brazilian Teak Decking is one of the best hardwood decking materials in the world & costs less than Burmese Teak. Buy all the materials you need to design, build Exterior Decking, Boat Decking, Siding, Interior Flooring, Docks, USES, Interior Flooring, Boat Decking, Siding, & Docks. Average cost of a 1,000 sq ft. Brazilian 

Design, manufacture and install quality marine teak decking and internal teak flooring throughout Europe for both new and refit vessels. Tel: 01548 .

Your Decking Solution. In 1979, Teakdecking Systems developed the concept of pre-assembled teak decks in modular form. By 1983, TDS brought the process to North America to serve the burgeoning production boat business. Over 25 years later, TDS' procedure is considered to be the most practical and cost efficient 

A solid connection to the boat also insures a long lasting decking in the end. A lot of different materials to choose from for the perfect deck. “Just like it is done with real wooden deckings with Teak you have these alleged low-cost offerings. You will buy just a long, rolled up block of PVC-Teak and you can 

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Teak Deck Company fabricates and sells ready to install teak decking and flooring products for boat manufacturers, boat owners and professional contractors.

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