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Home; Wood Floor Techniques 101; Sanding your floors; Sanding Exterior Porches Do a Lead Check test ($4.95 here at the shop) and if it's positive, hire an RRP accredited flooring firm. But because this is more of a penetrating finish than typical high-building polyurethane, it is particularly easy and forgiving to apply.

Bonnie: Treat mahogany directly after installation. The only reason to wait would be for good weather dry and temperatures in the 50s or warmer. Never apply polyurethane to a wood deck. It will flake off over time. Use a penetrating oil. We recommend TWP for PT decks. It is available on-line from MFG 

Jen and I work on refinishing a mahogany porch, one of the 5 porches on our house. Urethane did not and sanded. clear coat polyurethane failing on exterior mahogany porch This urethane was about 2 and 1 covered porch. Forget the fact that the can said, “not intended for flooring”; I had Jen, our painter, put it down.

If you don't like the “deck rail” look of a thick film finish, oils are probably your best bet. Just keep in mind My dilemma is I finished the wood with 3 coats of minwax oil based indoor outdoor spar urethane in semi gloss because this is what was recommended by the salesman at menards… Was this a bad 

After staining mahogany (and after it dries!), protect it with your preferred top coat like varnish, shellac, lacquer or polyurethane. Take a closer look at stained mahogany examples: Genuine mahogany with Old Masters Dark Mahogany Penetrating Stain it gives it a kiss of color, more brown than red, and darkens the pores 

Judging by the labels on the cans of exterior-grade clear finishes at paint stores and home centers, the job of keeping wood looking good seems downright easy: Just brush one of these products on a mahogany entryway, a redwood deck, or cedar siding, and the wood will stay as fresh and bright as the day it was cut.

The less the wood moves (yes, its ipe, but ALL wood moves, especially in 6″ widths, laying horizontal in deck-like exposures), the happier the finish will be. Also, as decks are often low to the ground, with minimal underside air circulation, it is very cheap insurance to prefinish. You only get one chance to 

At one time, glossy finishes were all the rage, but now super-low-sheen finishes are where it's at, and along with this trend has come increased interest in oil finishes (not to be confused with oil-modified polyurethane finishes). These finishes replicate the more natural look of many historical floors, making 

GLIDDEN Porch & Floor Interior Exterior. Polyurethane Oil Gloss Paint is designed to withstand foot traffic and add decorative appeal in a highly durable gloss finish. Recommended for use on properly prepared interior or exterior wood and concrete floors. Ideal for stairs, porches, railings, steps and boat decks. May.

A protective polyurethane topcoat is a great way to seal your wooden deck and increase its longevity. Even if you decide not to stain your deck, you should always apply some kind

If you have expensive, fine mahogany floors, your upmost priority should be to care for and protect its beauty. Mahogany flooring has a naturally high durability and resistance to decomposition, with its gorgeous red undertones and tight-knit grain, it is definitely something to treasure. Although despite its durability, like all 

Plastic compounds like polyurethane can also be used on mahogany. Polyurethane products should be restricted to mahogany that is exposed to moisture such as an exterior door or outside trim. Problems with polyurethane are slow drying times, often resulting in poor finishes such as runs in the product or whitish colors 

Even though my painting company is located in Vermont, we finish, refinish, and maintain a surprising variety of tropical hardwood decking, such as garapa gold, meranti, cambara, and even good old mahogany. They're all dense, but none are as dense or as durable as my favorite species, ipe; it's so 

The wood is in great shape. I'm trying to decide on a finish and I want to go with something that could be easily touched up. I was thinking of a penetrating oil finish like a danish oil. Some folks have suggested a spar varnish or urethane but I think that will require re-sanding to touch up. I want to to go with a 

Polyurethane (a type of varnish) is one of the most commonly used wood finishes today. It excels in high traffic areas like floors where it forms an incredibly hard and resilient coating that can handle just about anything. There are exterior versions of polyurethane call “spar varnish” which are a bit softer than 

Glidden 1 gal. Gloss Porch and Floor Polyurethane Oil Paint provides a durable gloss finish that withstands the demands of foot traffic and adds a beautiful, lasting look to interior and exterior wood and concrete floors, stairs, boat decks, masonry and wood and metal surfaces that are subject to heavy wear and tear.

To achieve the wood look you want and the desired maintenance level consider the following: PORCH FLOORING PAINTS. For best results, choose a high quality exterior porch and floor paint (typically a solventborne polyurethane, an all-acrylic latex, or waterborne alkyd) and a fully compatible primer and follow the.

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