hollow and solid composite decking

SAiGE Contemporary Decking Range: Our contemporary decking range is available in a choice of hollow and solid decking. The hollow range is more suitable for residential use but due to thicker wall structures, it can also be used for light commercial projects. Our hollow and solid decking range are the same finish and 

For this example, we will look at decking, because it is a load bearing product that takes the most abuse from everyday use. Composite wood plastic decking can be extruded in all shapes and sizes and many composite products will be hollow in form to save weight and material. Decking is a product that comes in both solid 

Hollow boards tend to have hollow chambers running throughout the length of the plank, whilst solid boards are stronger and heavier than the hollow boards. Both hollow and solid boards are available through EnviroBuild. Installation of composite decking uses the same method of installation as traditional 

While hardwood decks are made of solid timber, composite deck boards are created using a combination of wood and polymer. The quality of these two materials has a huge impact on the stability and calibre of the finished deck; there are many different grades of composite wood, and we at only provide the 

Sapphire Composite Decking Boards (Hollow) 150 x 25 x 4800mm Green Plank Sapphire wood composite decking board GP757 has combed finish on both sides. Hollow and solid boards available; Suitable for public and private sector; Free of Toxic Additives; Use for terraces, balconies, roof gardens, leisure areas, 

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