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A deck by HD {{{shudder}}}. OK - . Menards carries a lot more of the structual stuff, in fact you can buy home kits and pole barn kits there. Menards is a much larger lumber I like Lowes for service, HD is closer, but I have to go to Menards for metal roofing or ground contact rated lumber. It's about 40 miles 

Used Olympic Maximum to restain a seven year old deck. Chose the color "Teak" from the Olympic website. When i went to buy at my local Lowes, it had to be tinted using the base color. I could tell right away it was going to be darker than we thought, but i brought it home anyway and tested on a dry piece of wood.

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is available in both The and Lowe's stores throughout the country, offering an up-close look and feel that no catalog or website can match. decking is stocked alongside wood and other composites in the lumber aisle of your local home improvement store. Try the Deck Cost Calculator.

Cost of Materials today $1478.98 Lowes Cost of Materials today $1492.56 Local lumber 

Lowe's vs. : which one is best in areas of prices, selection, and customer service? We checked the reviews and here are the results. Try as you might to religiously pick up mulch and plants at your local nursery, tools at your friendly Ace Hardware, and wood at your local lumber yard, you 

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