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When it comes to backyard fencing, there are many reasons to have them. Some of those reasons are the same as having a front yard fencing. Fencing can always enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. However, they also serve other functions. Backyard fences, for example, can help keep your landscape enclosed and 

One of the most basic and attractive fencing types is aluminum. While it does not provide the amount of security many homeowners look for in a fence, it's relatively maintenance free and can essentially look like any other type discussed in this article. The only maintenance will come during installation when 

While wood fences need to be protected against the weather and will need to be repainted over time, a wrought iron fence.

When it comes to fencing there are hundreds of different kinds of fences made of different types of materials that serve specific purposes. When you factor in all the different styles of fences and functions as well there are truly limitless amounts of fencing options available. Below is a list of 20 different types of 

There are many reasons to enclose the boundaries of your property using any one of a variety of fence types. Your home is the most important investment that you will ever make, and few other features increase your home's marketability than an attractive fence. At The , we have a wide variety of high quality 

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These fence pictures illustrate some of the different materials and styles available. Among these landscaping photos are examples of fence plantings.

No improvement can so immediately enhance the enjoyment, aesthetic and investment value of a home or business location than a handsomely-constructed fence. Whether your primary concern is for greater privacy, heightened beauty, or security, we offer all types of fences & fence styles to fulfill your needs. Each fence 

If you have an old or outdated fence this can age your home significantly. Finding the right fence design can make the difference in selling your home, or simply making it the envy of the neighborhood. The Best Fence Designs for Your Home - 39 Different Fence Types. There are many different types of fences which can 

Types[edit]. Typical agricultural barbed wire fencing. Split-rail fencing common in timber-rich areas. A chain-link wire fence surrounding a field. Portable metal fences around a construction site. A snow-covered vaccary fence near Ramsbottom in Greater Manchester, UK.

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