grouting wood fence posts

Uses: Anchoring Cement is idea for a wide variety of applications that include: Anchoring of wood or metal sign posts, fence posts, parking meters, dowels and rods; Setting appliances, machinery, processing equipment and conveyors; Bridge railings and other fixtures in concrete and masonry 

Setting the Fence Post with Concrete. to Install a Wood Fence Post. 1. Set posts in concrete when stability is extra important. Concrete may be necessary if you are installing a fence in sandy soil, or in very soft, muddy soil. It's also a good idea when installing gate posts to provide extra stability. The main downside to 

Grouting mortars are free-flowing, high strength cement or synthetic resin-based mortars, used for the filling of voids under machines and other structural elements as well as Fasteners; Tie rods; Crash barrier posts; Fence and railing posts Concrete; Hard natural stone; Solid rock; Hollow and solid masonry; Steel; Wood.

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The concrete will never rot, your wooden posts can be set off the ground, so will last almost indefinitely. Postcrete may not be used for general concreting, screeds, mortar, grout or render. I have set hundreds (maybe thousands) of wooden fence posts with dry concrete with satisfactory results (0 fails).

The basis for a good fence or structure is a solid fence post. we show you how to set one to last and what to do to prevent rot. He used fine gravel (like the pros do he said) A year later I installed the same wood fence around my remaining 2 sides of the rear yard. I used concrete, belled out just a tad at the 

Fast Setting Anchoring Cement Grout. As A Grout. Anchoring galvanized fence post; Grouting parking meters and sign posts; Precision grouting and leveling of heavy machinery indoors; Grouting of anchor bolts, dowels, etc. indoors only 

Use these step by step instructions to build a concrete fence with post and panels. Note: Wooden door shims work well for the fence posts because they can be removed when concrete has set. Place a course of Fill the cores of the first two courses of fence panel blocks (bond beam) with fine (sand) mix concrete grout.

One last tip regarding posts. After a year or so, the fence posts will often shrink in their concrete sockets ever so slightly. If you want to preserve the wood that little longer, trickle some water based preservative down the face of the post so that it finds it's way into the wood below ground thus helping to preserve the submerged 

the positives and negatives of concrete and wooden fence posts.

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