building a deck without wood

jig and screw deck kit. View as slideshow. A jig and screw kit allows fast installation of decking without pilot holes. The secret of the handy hidden fastener system is an augering screw that hogs out wood as it's driven, along with a special tool that holds it at the proper angle and acts as a board spacer. DeckPac, about $60 

How to build a beautiful platform deck in a weekend by Meg Padgett, not to mention a great site for realistic DIY home improvement projects. Modern railing on wood colored deck, grey house. .. With proper flashing, a wood deck will last many years; without it, the deck and the ledger it& attached to will quickly rot.

wood deck. Which is the best decking material—cedar, pressure-treated or composite lumber? We compare their durability, appearance and cost. By the DIY experts of The Family Probably the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is what type of decking to use. All three But alas, there's no perfect choice.

In the last ten years composite decking materials (plastic wood particles glued together) have taken hold of the market and are used on over half the decks being built. If decking could be continually recycled it would truly be a sustainable product, but no companies, to my knowledge, have produced such a product.

Natural wood is a go-to choice for deck construction because of its inherent beauty. - Brazilian hardwood, average price per square foot is $22.50 Does not do well in regions with a lot of snow and ice without a really good sealer applied all around each board; Requires annual sealing to 

Here is what you need to know about building a deck with treated wood; from planning, to choosing wood, installation, coating and maintenance. We have the answers.

I've been successfully building wood decks for almost 25 years and have learned how to build them so that they last—and look good—for a long time. . Peeling. While deck boards can cup no matter which way you install them, peeling often results when the decking is installed bark side down. This is 

Sleepers keep your chosen hardwood materials off the ground. This allows builders and homeowners to quickly create a deck without building a full frame to support it. These pieces of lumber also work well to level an uneven area, so the deck lying over it doesn't tilt or slope. A sleeper deck doesn't require 

Wood Decks. Photo: Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. Deck building is on the rise. According to a 2011 report by The Freedonia Group, leading business researchers, “U.S. demand for decking is . This transparent finish will provide dampness protection for the wood without altering it's natural color or grain.

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