attach wpc deck onto a metal roofs

Example of a single-ply over metal retrofit assembly. Single-Ply over Metal: Single- ply roof systems are also lightweight and utilized for retrofits over existing metal roofs [Figure 2]. Many single- ply membrane roofs rely on the existing metal roof to function as a structural deck for support and attachment of 

Attaching Decking to Metal Deck Framing with Deckfast metal fasteners. Additional corrosion resistance on top of the grade 410 stainless steel is also available with the use of epoxy coatings, which can also be color matched to specific decking products, so that the deck fastener is barely visible on the decking surface.

Photo 1 Typical steel deck over bar joist construction. performance. As an example, with a mechanically-attached 6.5-foot wide membrane fastened every 12 inches in the seams, the wind load transferred to the roof deck through each fastener is approximate ly 540 lbs. of uplift force (assuming a 90 psf design, 6"-wide 

for granting permission to utilize their 2012 Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual as a source .. The installation training manual is based on . attached. Think of it as the first thing that is found when the roof's top layer is pulled back. The two main types of substrates are called solid deck and open framing (Figure 2-. 1).

For metal roofs, the roof substructure secures the fasteners and clips used to hold the panel. Fasteners and clips are attached into the substructure. Secondly, the of the metal roof, and carefully inspected prior to installation. The surface should be smooth, straight, and free of humps and depressions. A solid deck should.

The fixings used to attach sheets to purlins must be durable and able to withstand considerable wind pressures. The exact type required will depend on the sheet and purlin type (timber light steel heavy steel) however we usually recommend self-drilling TEK type screws with a 5 16th hex head. Self-drilling TEK screws have 

Also, on steep roof surfaces, the battens provided a “ladder” of sorts for roof access. This was in the days before various scaffolding and other equipment was commonly available. The other option for installing metal roofing calls for a “solid deck” to be in place and then the roofing is attached to it. A solid 

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