decking linear expansion

widely known to expand tremendously lengthwise (linear expansion) during periods of high temperature throughout their lifetime usage. During cold weather, plastic and composite decking can show significant shrinkage mitered joints often open up alarmingly during low temperature periods and can be 

deck planks will experience expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. Expansion and contraction are most significant where extreme temperature changes occur. Fastening the deck planks according to the gapping requirements noted in the following table accommodates for this movement.

As ModWood expands in heat and sun, to avoid building stress into your deck and having possible lengthways shrinkage, it is best to fix your decking boards when the ambient temperature is less than 25 degrees celsius and when the boards are not sitting in full sun. ModWoods co-efficient of thermal linear expansion 

Always consider linear expansion of Resysta profiles during the installation of decking products. If temperatures fluctuate during the installation the gaps placed between the ends of the boards and the ends of a wall or fascia board must change with the temperature. Use the guide above to gap boards 

Genovations Deck boards and trim are subject to minimal linear expansion and contraction with changes in tempera- ture {wood changes according to its moisture content}. The greater the temperature change, the more noticeable this expansion and contraction will become. Following the installation instructions properly 

Decking. Tel: 0333 202 6800 sales Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7RG. Ever lasting. Non-Absorbing. Recycled. Weather Proof. Plaswood . have a maximum linear expansion of 0.109mm per m per °C. It is vital to calculate the maximum expansion of the boards in order to 

When the decking is to be laid diagonally, reduce the on-center joist spacing by 10cm (Figure b). Boards spacing. All composite materials undergo some degree of linear expansion due to temperature's differences. To compensate the contraction and expansion effects, following boards' spacings should be.

Do not fix parts such as balustrading directly onto deck boards. Leave a gap for thermal expansion around parts inserted in the deck board such as posts, lights etc. For swimming pools, we do not recommend the use of NexGEN boards in constant contact with water. If heavy objects such as spas are to be placed on top of 

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