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Different applications & types of wall cladding viz. Exterior wall Cladding, Interior Wall Cladding, Bathroom & Kitchen Wall Cladding and their advantages.

Copper, brass, bronze are uniquely suited for wall cladding applications. These materials are strong, light weight highly corrosion resistant and are available in numerous factory applied and alloy finishes and colors. In addition to the systems outlined in this section, many of the roof systems detailed in Section 8 can be 

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Until lately, customization of wall cladding was all about applying a coat of paint on exterior walls or wallpapers tiles on the walls of rooms and bathrooms. But, the cladding scenario has changed a lot in the recent times and numerous materials like natural stones, wood, aluminum, metal and unplasticized 

Most exterior wall cladding will have the need for some special items to both finish off the look of the home and give it some added protection. For example, vinyl siding is installed with the use of J channels and corner pieces. While the channels must be installed first, the trim and corner pieces go on after the wall is 

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Information on what is required for planning applications.

All surrounding surfaces should be masked off prior to applying. Surfaces must be clean, dry, free of sealers, waxes and grout residue. For new installations the sealer can be applied 48 hours after installation. Apply one even liberal coat of STONESHIELD WALL CLADDING SEALER by trigger or low pressure pump spray.

The main goal of this study is to use the factor method to evaluate the service life of ceramic external cladding. An interesting possibility is that a tool may be developed to aid the planning of maintenance operations, to reduce costs, and to ensure a better performance of the cladding system. The method relies on field work 

Sintered stone wall cladding made with Lapitec , the innovative “full bodied” slabs available in very large format. Lapitec is a long lasting The huge format ensures a high degree of flexibility to architects, that are free to design every kind of application even with complex or unusual shapes. Moreover, Lapitec counts a 

External Cladding Materials and Systems Range. Vertical groove, horizontal grooved cladding and express joint cladding. As well as rendered wall cladding. After weatherboards not cladding? Click here. Our External Cladding Application: Easylap panel. Easylap panel is a strong fibre cement base sheet with a 

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Outside Wall Cladding. PVC outside wall cladding. The Dumaclin outside wall cladding has been specifically designed to ensure fast and easy installation. Contrary to other façade boards, sidings and laths our unique and patented click system makes it possible to bridge any length without the use of unsightly transition 

Tools and Materials Required; Health and Safety; Surface Preparation; Installation Application; Grouting the Joints; Finishing the Process and Cleaning. Now that you have chosen the type of stone cladding you desire, the next step is the installation process. Read through our step by step guide below that 

It is the application of a layer of one material (cladding) over the layer of another material (usually the structural material that bears the structural load). Its main purpose is to enhance the aesthetics of the wall. Cladding material actually covers the wall in a way that looks as if it is the base material with which the wall has 

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