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At Bison we want to make sure you have all the information you need to create beautiful rooftop decking systems. Here is a short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions or if you need further support, please contact us at 1-800-333-4234 or sales Pricing inquires can be found here.

2'x2′ Massaranduba Wood Tile, Ribbed Finish, Slat size can vary. Call for availability. FSC-certified wood, used in Bison Wood Tiles, comes from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to meet their high global standards for forest sustainability. FSC certification assures wood products have positive 

Browse 283 photos of Deck Tiles. Find ideas On the deck floor, 2- by 2-foot ipe tiles from Bison can be lifted up to clean underneath, where waterproofing protects the house from leaks. Parapet Wood. Many wood species are less expensive than composite but can weather over time and drive up maintenance costs.

Pedestal systems enable you to quickly and easily build elevated decks using pavers, wood tiles or steel grating over sloping or uneven substrates without the Architrex is proud to support the Buffalo Field Campaign in their efforts to protect the last remaining wild bison Pedestals in many ways symbolize the strength, 

Deck Tiles made of can quickly transforms your patio. Restore your cracked cold concrete patio with attractive long-lasting Deck Tiles from Deck Tile Calculator. Simple & Easy!!! Use the deck tile calculator below to reveal the truth behind the pricing of deck tiles. Our deck tiles are by far the best 

Decks can be designed to any layout configuration. The number of pedestals required is directly proportional to the number of tiles or pavers utilized. Therefore we recommend that you determine the number of pavers needed first. Once the number of pavers has been established, the following formula will give an estimate 

Constructed using durable Ipê, these wood tiles vary in length from 24″ to 48″and offer design flexibility and easy installation to create beautiful outdoor living areas. Can be installed on Bison pedestals, modular Bison Ipê tiles reduce labor costs and create a custom look at a cost-effective price. Decking Tiles are 

This independently tested, modular pedestal deck system allows rooftop decks to be installed quickly and easily without damaging expensive roofing systems. To see successful Bison Products in use please visit our Project Gallery. Discover Pricing. Discover pricing and request samples for wood tiles, pedestals and more.

Why Design with Adjustable Deck Supports? Systems are available in a range of heights and weight bearing capacities. Use on grade or above grade. Impervious to water, mold, and freeze-thaw cycles. Labor- and cost-efficient method of creating a flat, level deck over a sloped surface. Elevate over roofing and 

Wood Tiles: Constructed from durable and , the Wood Tiles vary in length from 24" to 48" and custom sizes and offer design flexibility and easy installation to create beautiful rooftop decks. Installed on Bison pedestals, modular Bison tiles reduce labor costs and create a custom look at a cost-effective price.

IPE Wood Tiles by Bison are ideal for blending the beauty and upscale appearance of real wood. Use these pre-assembled tiles as roof pavers on deck pedestals, with modular decking, decking on joists, decks on-grade, over a cracked concrete patio or virtua 

Shop lowest prices on the Bison Level.It System for creating raised decks at

12x12 Decking Tile Prices & Information. 12x12 Smooth Deck Tiles. 12x12 ipe deck tiles. Deck Tile Details. deck tile front. Front. deck tile back. Back. deck tile side. Side. deck tile hole. Predrilled Hole 

Bison Deck Supports hold and elevate numerous decking surface materials such as Bison Wood Tiles, concrete pavers, stone tiles, decks on joists, etc. Modular Bison systems offer one-of-a-kind flexibility for installation, future maintenance and or dismantling. Bison products are sustainable offering LEED credits, recycled 

The Versadjust, adjustable V-Series line reaches heights from 2-1 4 inches to 24 inches, has a 1500 pound weight bearing capacity and contains built-in slope compensation from 0 - 1 2 inch per foot slope.

Bison Wood Deck Tiles are designed for deck construction over exterior surfaces including rooftops, courtyards, terraces, pool decks and more in both residential and commercial applications. Installed on Bison pedestals, modular Bison Ipê tiles reduce labor costs and create a custom look at a cost-effective price.

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