comparative costs for decking and joists

Construction and installation is one area where the cost of a plastic composite deck can be substantially more than a redwood deck. This is largely due to the fact that plastic decking has less structural strength. It can't span more than 12 to 16 inches between joists, unlike redwood which can span up to 24 inches. Shorter 

I wouldn't get carried away with rebating and plugging holes in softwood or using a hidden fastening system, this adds unnecessary costs to what should be an entry level product in any case. For standard decking the thickness of approx 38mm for pine is acceptable with decking screws simply inserted 2 per timber joists set 

Wood. Cost and Short Term. Energy Comparison. Valparaiso Demonstration. Homes. Prepared for. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Ceiling Joists. 11.00. 11.00. Rafters w Decking. 81.25. 77.50. Total Framing. 293.00. 277.92. HVAC. 45.67. 46.25. Electrical. 73.25. 85.92. Plumbing. 58.00. 51.25.

All are a viable choice for your ground floor structure — David Snell compares the costs. The more usual method is to employ metal baffle plates beneath the decking, but this means that the insulation beneath needs to be completely consistent. All in all Floor joists 300m, 195x47mm treated, £1,038.00.

Cost Comparison. Beaufort Demonstration Homes. Prepared for. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Office of Policy Development and Rafters w Decking. 67.75. 68.75. Front Porch Framing2. 155.00. 153.25. Stairs. 24.75. 24.50. Total Framing. 535.25. 517.50. Total Framing without Porch. 380.25.

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