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Floor Gres is the Florim brand that reflects architectural design requirements, offering surfaces that guarantee superb technical and aesthetic performance.

The outdoor floors in porcelain tiles are designed to guarantee resistance and safety in outdoor design projects, in residential and commercial application. Porcelain tiles are suitable in contexts requiring specific properties of safety and anti-slipperiness. Available in different materials of inspiration such as wood, marble, 

Sports flooring for outdoor areas applications. On the following pages we present application-specific presentations of our products SPORTEC . Find out what flooring requirements should be considered in each area and see which SPORTEC product meets the requirements. Download brochure. You already know our 

Outdoor Rubber Flooring Applications. Regular pavers, while lovely, are an agony in the butt. For one thing, they are hard all around, so on the off chance that you have delicate feet - forget about it. In the late spring, they can get so hot you think you are remaining on the surface of the sun! Also, don't give them a chance to 

Many outdoor flooring solutions are available for numerous applications. We specialise in artificial grass lawns for gardens, landscapes, playgrounds, schools, corporate events and sports. If you need superior outdoor flooring that is durable and aesthetically pleasing then we are your dream supplier! Read on to learn how 

Our outdoor flooring consists of rolls, mats and tiles are made of rubber, plastic, carpet or foam. All of these products have been specifically designed to be used in outdoor applications and will stand up to the worst that mother nature can throw at a floor. Our outdoor flooring is durable yet comfortable, and very easy install 

Sports flooring and elastic layers made from EPDM rubber and recycled rubber are suitable for many application in sports, fitness and commercial.

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