wood composite decking for wet environment

Unfortunately, pressure is being brought to bear on city planners from environmental lobby groups to use composite decking to rebuild the boardwalks. I'm not going to try and pretend I'm unbiased in this ongoing fight between tropical decking and composite decking. Working for a lumber company, 

The MC of lumber can soar when is stored at a lumber yard without a protective cover and or stacked over wet ground. Lumber stored in a very humid environment like next to the ocean can sponge water too. A KD stamping means very little if the lumber has been left sitting in the rain at a distribution center, 

WPC Design Deck Fresh, modern and smart - with a stone-like appearance, UPM ProFi Design Deck gives outdoor living a stylish new look. Unlike wood and traditional composite deckings, wine, oil and other liquid spills are not readily absorbed and can be easily cleaned. Thanks Positively helping the environment.

Decks & Docks only sells the higher grades of lumber, which means fewer knots, consistent boards, and longer life. Treatment: Chemical treatment levels affect how long wood will last in marine or other wet environments. Always look at the tags on the end of wooden boards. If you're near the water, you should always look 

When planning your deck, you'll need to consider what style you what, the environment of your yard, and where to place your deck. All these factors may impact your choice of deck material. In this post, we'll explore how long different decking materials last and the conditions necessary for your deck to live 

mance, a homeowner may choose to use WPC decking instead of pressure-treated thermosetting polymer was a phenol formaldehyde—wood composite which is . In wet process fabrication, a slurry of water and wood is created and mixed with chemical additives before being hot pressed into sheets (Pritchard 2004).

It is important to note that wood decking will require more maintenance than aluminum or composite decking. . This means your decking dries faster, stays cleaner, and may even have a positive effect on the waterfront environment because of its ability to allow sunlight to pass through the surface of the 

Comparing Common Boardwalk Materials: Location, Maintenance and Environmental Impact. Timber In a shady area or climates with a lot of rain, timber can also be slippery when wet. Most composite deck boards are also weaker than wood boardwalks and begin to sag under a high volume of traffic.

Lumberock Decking is manufactured to withstand harsh, wet environments making it the ideal choice for your boat dock, marina, boardwalk or pier decking project. The closed molecular formula of our mineral plastic composite lumber stops water absorption from within, and because no organic fills are used, 

grey composite deck boards Most composites are hybrid materials, made from a recycled plastic & wood flour mixture. Because they use discarded plastics which have been recycled & wood chippings sawdust, they are much friendlier on the environment than other types of decking. Most boards are made from 

So in a very wet environment, coastal areas, or other harsh exposure, the added cost of stainless steel is a worthwhile investment. Also galvanized fasteners may stain Specialized decking screws are available for hardwood, composite decking, and capped composites in matching colors. Many specialized decking screws 

Due to environmental and durability concerns, composite decking (a mixture of two materials, typically wood pulp and recycled material such as plastic bottles or plastic bags) have appeared on the market. Proponents of composite decking have touted this as a much needed development as this helps to curb logging of 

Wood or composite decking, or something else? Also known as wood-polymer composites, wood alternatives or synthetic decking, composite has quickly become the fastest-growing decking The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified CCA as a restricted-use product.

than wood. Composite decking is made up of a mixture of wood and plastic fibres which allow it to withstand the weather and the test of time. 's coated when it gets wet. Composite decking is tested and proven to have safe slip resistance and is perfect for use in wet environment. As composite materials do not split 

If you live a wet or humid climate, you don't have to worry about moisture affecting your composite deck, as long as you're using fully-capped A quick early morning investigation of the bottom of the deck revealed the simple diagnosis—moisture was being absorbed into the wood from below. In the South 

Weather, Water and Wood: Composite Wins--Build your backyard oasis with NewTechWood UltraShield, the world's best high-peformance composite decking on the market that gives you the look of a wood deck with ultra low maintentace. Accesorize your wood plastic composite deck with our all weather 

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