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Learn key features and techniques for building first-class decks, including planters, shading ideas, stairs, durable materials, privacy screens, curved rail. Add a planter or two to your deck design and take advantage of your green thumb to provide color and greenery in your deck environment. You could even grow fresh 

Sean from Curve Your Deck shows the deck network audience his new product, Pre-made curved railings corners for , and railings.

A graceful curved deck extends the house and gives access to the backyard.

Mark Newman Design · Master Bathroom remodel. 23K Saves 12 Questions. This curved, teak deck is disguising a free-form shower pan and drain that's sitting below the level of the floor instead above the floor as is the case in most bathrooms. Inspiration for a contemporary walk-in shower remodel in San Francisco with a 

We design and install custom curved decks uniquely tailored to your home. Made from decking in a variety of finishes. Serving S E Michigan.

Curved deck designs are one of our specialties for NJ and PA residents. Browse our portfolio of our recently completed curved deck design projects.

Instead of a square or a rectangle, here's how to build a deck with curves.

A recent design called for a 10-foot reverse radius. Since the deck had a 15-foot-square footprint, we built the layout box that size, using 2x6s set on edge. Then we rough-cut the framing and laid it in place, without fastening anything together. To mark the curve on the joists, we made a 10-foot-long beam 

Deck Building for your Garden Help on Designing and Building Decks, including How to Build Basic Decking and Treating Decks with Preservative. The picture below shows that we curved the edges of this deck in Somerset, plus one edge of the decking extends out a little way over a garden pond. The deck timbers were 

Step 1: Build a square deck. Step 2: Cut off all the corners. In all seriousness, building a round deck isn't all that different from building a rectangular deck. I've designed several. The basic framing has the same considerations as any other deck. You need appropriate footers, ledger attachment, beams, joists 

The great thing about a deck is that you can design and style it to fit in anywhere. It will make Straight or curved? Plan your decking space based on what you want to put on the deck. The area needs to be big enough to accommodate any garden furniture you need with plenty of room leftover to move around freely. You'll 

For me, part of the challenge of custom remodeling has been the opportunity to try something new. When I saw the potential to combine an interesting deck design and new materials, I immediately went to my prospective clients, who received the ideas enthusiastically. From their house near Long Island Sound, my 

Kid-Friendly Design. This curved-edge deck design with a secure railing is kid-friendly. When choosing railings for a raised deck, harmonize a desire for unimpeded views with the necessity of sturdy, code-abiding rails. Consider thin aluminum or metal rails, as well as safety-glass panels, to open up the view. 13 of 17 

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