best way to clean a deck on second floors

Sometimes it is necessary to clean a painted wood deck because the mildew or mold growing on it has made it slippery, or the dirt on it has become too difficult to remove with

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva breathes new life into a weather-beaten wood deck.

Your deck might be clean, but can you see it through your windows? What about from the second floor windows? For those high, hard-to-reach windows, use a Telescoping Washer Set that has an adjustable aluminum pole that attaches to your hose. A soap dispenser on the pole allows you to easily add a liquid cleaner to 

On an older deck, dirt, graying from the sun, mildew, and old stains all need to be removed prior to staining. Sodium percarbonate wood cleaners, also known as oxygen bleach wood cleaners, are a great choice for this step. They are highly effective at cleaning the wood, yet won't harm plant life and vegetation. Best of all 

Tips on washing the wood. This hydrogen peroxide further breaks down into water and oxygen, and as far as “green” cleaners go, it is one of the best. As you might expect, the The second deck I restored recently was a softwood deck that had seen many, many years of no care at all. After cleaning and 

Oxygen bleach (or sodium percarbonate) is an excellent detergent and bleaching agent with a hydrogen peroxide base. At a normal temperature, it's a good cleaning and bleaching agent and has strong fungicide effect. For instance, fruits and vegetables treated with sodium percarbonate can be kept fresh 

Some boards are in need of replacement, but what is the best way to clean this whole deck in the meantime? Very dark and gray. We have a . My contractor put 1 coat of oil on my new deck about 2 month ago & it already looks dull & need of a 2nd coat. Do I need to utilize both the restore a deck 

Remove furniture, potted plants and any other objects from the balcony. This will clear the balcony, making it easier to thoroughly clean the floor and other surfaces.

Since wood decks receive constant abuse from the elements, they require periodic cleaning and refinishing to protect them and keep them looking their best. to the sun and rain can cause nails to work their way out of the board, so drive any protruding nails flush with the surface or replace them with deck screws. Repair 

After thoroughly sweeping the surface and all railing and stairs on your deck, you're ready to wash off any remaining dust and grime. The most efficient way to wash your deck is with a power washer. You can purchase one to keep at your home permanently (they can also be used to wash siding, driveways and walkways, 

Tatics for any deck or patio surface. Whether yours is made of wood, brick, stone, concrete, or composite, routine maintenance and an occasional cleaning will ensure it always looks as good as new. . The best way to combat mildew and other stains is to keep the deck clean with regular use of a broom and a hose.

Before cleaning the balcony floor, you will have to clean the balcony walls and the exterior glass doors. The quickest way to clean the glass doors is to use a squeegee. Use the “S” method to clean the glass to minimize streaking. It works the way it sounds clean top to bottom making “S” forms as you pull the 

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