brookhaven town deck requirements on existing slab

A long list of waivers and variances including use were listed by the town's engineer and planner. we have used an attorney but have blown through a lot of money. They have a permit to “build a roof on an existing structure” but the original existing structure (the deck) never had a permit or variance.

We provide building permit expediting services, land use consulting, and many other services. We pull permits in the Townships of Brookhaven, Southampton, Islip, and other Long Island municipalities. It has become increasingly more difficult to obtain building permits in a timely manner. Brookhaven Town Building 

If he gets a demo permit, he removes the deck and taxes will be reduced. If he rebuilds exactly, he need nit do anything as CO's are issued by the town and are structure specific. A concrete slab is another story as it has potential to be a foundation. I deal with Brookhaven for clients. What about you?

submitted 1 year ago by SnolidsteakSuffolk. I'm looking to replace an existing deck this spring. The previous owner built it with his friends and didn't get a CO for it. There are no cement footings and it's pulling away from the house and sinking. I can't seem to find any guidelines for construction of a new deck 

DENSITY OF DEVELOPMENT: The minimum residential unit yield (number of dwelling units) permitted under the existing zoning district classification for any given DEPOT: An area where vehicles may be stored legally pursuant to all of the local laws and requirements of the Code of the Town of Brookhaven, including hut 

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