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With the CAMO HIDDEN DECK FASTENING SYSTEM (CAMO System), you create a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface using any treated wood, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deck board. The CAMO Marksman is used to guide the CAMO screw into the side of the deck board into the joist. It can be used on any.

It's an especially good substitute for wood trim in areas that are highly exposed to water, such as corner board and door trim that's near the ground or unprotected by an overhang. Although you install cellular PVC azek trim almost like wood, there are a few crucial differences. In this story, we'll show you those special cutting, 

The primary difference to be considered when installing a composite deck is that composite and pure PVC decking expand and contract length wise with the change in temperatures. This fact Because of this movement there is a risk that traditional through the face fastening can lead to the screws breaking over time.

If the backing is solid, as when attaching a skirt board to a band joist, you can further inhibit movement by gluing the trim to the joist with construction adhesive. Adhesives. Pace, who spends much of his time in the field with installers, finds that the key to getting a good bond between PVC boards (at those 

Learn how to install Wolf PVC decking. Our Wolf Decking expert will discuss proper joist spacing, tools needed and fastener options for fast, safe deck insta

WOLF PVC Decking installation is comparable to wood or composite decking and the tools for installation are similar. Do not nail WOLF PVC Deck boards. Battery operated (or Corded) drill screwdriver is recommended. Self-feeding screw guns can also be used. Saw capable of miter cuts with a fine-toothed carbide 

one that is guaranteed by the fastener manufacturer. Fasteners must also comply with ASTM A153 or current code. For best results use Clubhouse Hidden Fastening Systems and Cortex plugs. Note:Be sure to test screws on a scrap piece of. Clubhouse Cellular PVC Decking prior to installation. The use of nails and nail 

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