wooden floor for garden

A quality Timber Floor system for your Garden Shed, is an economical alternative to concrete slabs. Timber floors a great option for when cold damp concrete just won't do. A timber shed floor from Garden Sheds Galore is a functional and cost effective alternative to traditional concrete slabs. Our timber floors are constructed 

Do I need a floor for my garden shed? Does the price include a floor? Do I need a concrete base? Or do I need a timber floor? These are all common questions when it comes to purchasing a garden shed and deciding which Garden Shed Foundation is best for you.

In the first part we have covered the pros and cons of having a wooden floor in the garden shed and given some tips and information about preparations of the ground and how to construct the underfloor. In this part we will look at different options for flooring and how usage and flooring go together in a 

If you are renting, don't have enough access to your property for a mixer truck or whatever your reason may be, there is an alternative solution for the base of your garden shed. We have two recommended options for you other than concrete, which is just as great, if not better: 1. Steel flooring kits 2. Timber (wooden) flooring 

Ensure the base position allows access around each side of the garden building to apply wood treatments or preservative. Lay either concrete floor bearers or pressure treated (tanalised) timber bearers across the gravel soil. Make certain that all floor bearers are level with one another by using a spirit level. Use a 

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