composite decking over existing decking boards

While you are looking for a contractor, one thing to consider about products like Quick Cap. These are thin plastic, rubberized or glue-sawdust products which are designed to overlay existing deck boards. Assuming they last as long as advertised upon exposure to ozone, ultraviolet light, rain, snow and sun, 

Before choosing a color for your composite decking, ask to see samples of weathered boards, if possible. AN INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE. If you already own a wood deck, check out 's Deck ReCover. This product involves U-shaped PVC boards that fit over your existing deck, giving it the benefits of composite for 

If your existing deck is old, shabby and a maintenance nightmare, you don't have to tear it all down and start over. Chances are that the .. We chose our composite decking because of the color selection and the nifty hidden fastener system that hides all the screws between the deck boards (Photo 8). It was easy to install 

The decking does not start or stop on my deck, it is basically one long 100 foot deck divided up with crappy walls between each townhome set on top of the deck. So my deck boards run under the wall to the next townhome's deck on both sides. To make it more fun the walls on each end are horizontal 

Our pressure treated deck is 36 feet by 12 feet with the boards running in the long direction (parallel to the house). The previous owner ruined the boards so I want to replace them. It occurs to me that I could put 12 foot boards over top of the existing decking and have a seamless deck with the boards 

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