how to remove a wax stain from composite decking

Step 2. If wax has soaked into the grain of the wood or into the seams in the decking, use an iron to melt and remove the remaining wax. Step 6. If there is still candle wax on the wood deck, repeat the previous step using a clean section of the brown paper.

removing deck stains; removal TIPS for all the possible different deckstains listed such as rust, mold, leaves, Berry deckstains, barbeque drips, Tannic acid, wood bleed stains and Candle wax.

Candle wax. Saturate a rag with mineral spirits. Set the rag on the dried wax until it absorbs the wax. You may rub lightly. Barbecue stains (including grease and sauce). Scrub with a strong household detergent or water-rinsable automotive degreaser or carburetor cleaner. Rinse the area before it dries. Tannin. Remove the 

Pour-N-Restore Composite Deck Spot Remover cleans and captures stains from oil, food grease, cooking oil, wax, wine, algae, transmission fluid, and more.

You've accidentally stained your floor with candle wax. You've probably already done everything you can to remove it, but the result is far from what you wanted to achieve. Probably that's why you're searching for an effective method to remove candle wax which will leave no trace on your wood floor.

Simple, easy cleaning instructions for your composite decking from ChoiceDek. Learn how to clean your composite deck with our care and cleaning tips. For specific product recommendations please contact ChoiceDek Customer Service at 800.951.5117. Oil and Grease Stains (including lotions and candle wax)

Tips on how to clean and care for your OUTDURE composite deck. Get rid of mold Water then pools up and seeps into the debris causing a "tea" or tannin that may stain the deck. Plus this OUTDURE recommends the use of the OUTDURE Wax Care Kit to cover up those unishgtlly marks. If you follow 

If you're searching for a way to remove candle wax from wood floors, you're more than likely in a situation whereby candle wax has accidentally dropped on your wooden floor Simply iron lightly over the brown paper bag (which you placed over the candle wax stain) and allow the bag to draw up the wax.

Then, use a credit card to get underneath the wax and scrape it off the wood. Next, to remove wax that has gotten into the grooves, cover the area with a brown paper bag and place a low-set iron on top of it for ten seconds. Remove the iron and repeat this step until the liquid is gone. Then, wipe clean and 

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