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Synthetic boat flooring Flexiteek. The most real looking Synthetic Teak Decking made of 100% dense virgin PVC, Boat Non-skid when wet or Dry, Anti Fungal, UV Stabilized, Welded Together so the application will never have Gaps unlike Competitors. Luxurious Yacht Decking and for Luxurious Yachts. Interior boat flooring 

It also has the highest possible UV protection to prevent fading, anti-fungal inhibitors, superior adhesion and PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking option that's made in the USA. Aslin Boat Building will come to your boat, expertly pattern your interior or exterior deck, manufacture and then install the product as 

We get loads of emails every day asking for practical advice on common 'how-to' jobs around the boat. Maintaining a teak deck is one of those jobs! This video showcases Captain Simon doing our teak deck maintenance using Boracol, an anti-mold and anti-fungal wood treatment. In this video you'll also 

3% Hydrogen peroxide solution (diluted to one part hydrogen and three parts water) Hydrogen peroxide is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Talk about killing three birds If your boat has a teak deck, consider treating it with Borocal at least once a season for mold prevention. Boracol is a chemical 

If you have deck surfaces that are worse for wear, rely on Star Marine for boat repair. We specialize in synthetic teak decking, the ultimate in state-of-the-art deck work: Virtually maintenance free; Costs less than teak; Fully UV stabilized; Superb non-slip qualities; Can be pressure washed (unlike teak); Anti-Fungal; $37 per 

Akron is the polymer capital of the world. PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking that†s made in the USA. PlasDECK is made of specially formulated flexible PVC. This durable material contains non-migrating plasticizers, the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that PlasDECK 

Additives for UV protection and anti-fungal agents are included. Q: How much UV protection does it have? A: It contains highest UV protection available. Rated as Automotive Grade, it is mixed through the material. Q: Is synthetic teak a new product? A: No. They are actually a variation of flexible PVC that has been used as 

We get scrubbing to find out what effect a variety of teak cleaners have on the woodwork of a Sigma 38 moored on the River Itchen. Teak decks have many advantages: they feel nice underfoot, have good non-slip properties and enhance the look of a boat. But keeping them clean, mould-, mildew- and 

The deck should only be cleaned with green soap or a gentle shampoo, using a very soft brush or sponge to spare the soft parts of the wood fibres and seams. Wash across the grain to minimize wear of the teak. As above best way to treat the teak deck against mould and algae is to use Boracol, either 10RH for professional 

Teak is native to the tropical climates of India, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia, where it's subject to the moisture and temperature variations of tropical climates. As a result, it has adapted. When teak is cut into teak decking, its sap goes into overdrive to preserve the wood, which in turn helps protect it from insects and fungus 

NUteak Benefits: Virtually maintenance free; Costs less than teak; Fully UV stabilized; Superb non-slip qualiites; Unlike teak, can be pressure washed; Anti Fungal; Easy to install. Request a quote now · NuTeak - The ultimate decking solution. "The ultimate decking solution". Home · Product Info · Boat Decking.

PVC soft teak boat deck anti slip See more ideas about Teak, Decking and Patio decks. Seven Trust PVC Soft Boat Decking material comes in the same colours to mimic the teak, however unlike teak deck boat flooring stays the color you choose . Not long fungi teak deck boat,Cheap is not long fungi teak deck boat.

PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking that's made in the USA. We are proud Akron is the polymer capital of the world and we work closely with local engineers to develop the best synthetic teak in the world. However, with PlasDECK's anti-fungal additive, mold and mildew will wash off without staining your deck.

Benefits of a Nuteak Synthetic Teak Deck. Virtually maintenance free; Costs less than teak; Fully UV stabilized; Superb non-slip qualiites; Unlike teak, can be pressure washed; Anti Fungal; Easy to install 

If severe fungi, mold and mildew exist, we apply a light anti-fungal solution to kill organisms that can inhabit deep within the fabric of the wood. If there are areas where the old stain is thirty times denser than redwood and seven times denser than teak, so it does not accept a penetrating oil like TWP. In the past organic 

When it comes to giving your boat that touch of elegance and luxury, nothing beats the look of teak decking. Key Benefits of “NUTEAK” Virtually Maintenance Free, Fully UV Stabilized, on Slip Wet or Dry, Anti Fungal, Stain resistant, Can be Pressure Washed and Costs Less than Teak Call us today for a free estimate: 

You've probably thought about the ways that synthetic teak decking would enhance the look of your boat, but you may be surprised at the many different applications that Virtually Maintenance Free; Fully UV Stabilized; Non Slip Wet or Dry; Anti Fungal; Stain resistant; Can be Pressure Washed; Costs Less than Teak.

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