deck on a sloped hill

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Jerry & Betty talk about the deck they wanted, as priced by and then by us. It was a difficult job site to design over; lots of trees and a slope

If the property is smaller, the yard is on a slope, or presents other challenges, you'll need to get creative. Consider The terrain often dictates the need for a multilevel deck: hills, slopes and rocky landscaping may not be able to accommodate anything other than a raised wooden deck. In other words: It 

For slopes steeper than 45 degrees consulting an engineer may be the best choice. Beyond this generalization, you've also got to consider if the soil is unstable, loose or sandy. In these cases, the lateral stability for the footings is even worse, and a little more depth is likely necessary to assure they don't slide down the hill.

A house in the hills. A beautiful countryside cottage. Urban elegance. Unfortunately your dream home, situated in a lovely hilly area, may cause a few nightmares to start with. While featuring picturesque views you may start to believe that to live the dream; you need to accept a few setbacks. Well, while a 

Here is a rule of thumb for a deck footing on a slope so your deck will rest firmly and safely. The Seven Well, there is a general rule for deck footings on a slope and it's based on average soil conditions. So if you Obviously a hillside deck can give you dramatic views and benefits but don't forget safety in the equation.

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