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The award-winning attraction was looking for aproduct, which would offer a safe, durable and attractive surface for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Drayton Manor Walksure Decking Installation Above: Walksure decking installation at Drayton Manor. View our full range of Metsä Wood decking. Drayton 

ed, installed and maintained decking surface is therefore not to be underestimated. Such a decking with Accoya, if used appropriately, should, according to independent testing, provide the safety desired for application in both public as well as private areas, while combining this with the natural beauty of wood. ABOUT 

Hardwoods are naturally very durable and offer excellent dimensional and structural . three strips for commercial and public areas. SIZES.

Any decking will benefit from regular cleaning. Decks using durable or copper organic treated timbers should not need any maintenance other than regular cleaning with a stiff broom brush. Decks in shaded areas, such as under trees, may require more cleaning, as the deposits from vegetation combined with moisture may 

Between 2009 and 2016 approximately 800 dwellings will be built at Sørenga in Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway offering a fantastic location right on the waterfront. All boardwalk and promenade decking is in Kebony character pine which has developed a beautiful silver patina over time. The area is unique in that it is surrounded by 

Plaswood Recycled Plastic Wood Furniture and Products for Town & City Centre are uniquely manufactured from 100% recycled waste agricultural polythene film. Recycled Plastic Decking Plaswood recycled plastic signposts are an important feature of any well planned street, park, nature reserve and all public areas.

There are times when the unique qualities of a hardwood are required, for example where there will be lots of hard wear or the item needs to be especially durable. Generally hardwoods in the landscape - used for example in public decking, parking bay dividers, beams and bollards - are chosen by municipal authorities for 

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A discussion of the suitability of Black Locust wood for outdoor use as decking or for benches. May 6, 2009. Black Locust Durability for Outdoor Decking. A discussion of if so, what? Most native woods seem to be too soft for decking in public areas and the city will not allow us to use tropical hardwoods.

The total transformation of the former Fornebu International Airport into a green and active public Park by the Oslo Fjord. The Nansen Park, named after the great Norwegian explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, is now the beating heart of a new living- and recreational area, literarily on the waterfront of the peninsula Snarøya just 

Accoya wood can be cut, profiled and routered to specified designs without encountering restrictions or issues associated with the instability of traditi- onal wood cladding while maintaining its durability. The general guidelines on the next pages apply for Europe. France however, has a separate certi- ficate with specific 

ecodek is the durable and sustainable alternative to timber; a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) material that contains 95% recycled material hardwood and HDPE. ecodek is a naturally low potential for slip board that is excellent for creating well defined public walkways in areas that are susceptible to damage from 

Dura Deck is the ideal choice for demanding applications such as hotel decking, as well as other public areas such as parks, outside refreshment bars, verandas and clubhouse decking. Durable, barefoot friendly, and easy to keep in excellent condition, Dura Deck solves the inherent problems with traditional timber decking 

Hi-Grip Excel non-slip decking is a durable, safe and sustainable product for use in public areas. It is available in softwood, hardwood and with FSC accreditation. Hi-Grip Excel has anti-slip strips of epoxy bauxite inserted into two grooves and combines the natural beauty of timber with non-slip qualities: materials: 

The key benefit of Russwood's decking range is that all products are naturally durable, therefore can be expected to last for 30 60 years and, almost all, without any treatment. In addition, the products are very dense, which means that they will not be easily damaged, and can all be used in high traffic areas. From our 

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