how to give a split rail fence a gray look

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and pest infestation which makes it ideal for a fence in the Montgomery County, Bucks County, & the surrounding Philadelphia area. Wood logs are split along natural lines give the post and rails an all natural organic look and feel. The cedar lumber gives it a great reddish color which can be 

For a traditional look, a white picket fence will add charm to your home. Vinyl privacy fences can be built as a solid board or in a style that allows wind to pass through it. You can even add a vinyl fence that will give a ranch look to a property and can contain horses. Split Rail Fence Today, vinyl fences in Southern Maine 

Choose a look to complement your house. Picket fences complement Victorian, Cape Cod, and other traditional architectural styles, for instance; horizontal or vertical board fencing suits Ranch and Contemporary homes; post-and-rail or split-rail fences give a more rustic look. Post caps and finials can add extra distinction to 

Nearly everyone who installs a traditional (or columnar) cedar hedge ends up with very bare bottoms and thick tops on their cedars from all the deer-munching… not a look I'm after. I thought a casual hedge of grasses in front of a split rail fence would give a more relaxed feel, yet still provide some privacy 

Fence stain. Make a gray, sagging wood fence look new again. With a few simple repairs, a thorough wash with a power washer, and a nourishing coat of oil stain your fence Don't worry—underneath that thin gray skin, the glow still remains. Glue split and broken pieces when the wood has dried for at least 24 hours.

Post and rail fences are typically made with three or four horizontal rails. That means you can easily see through the fence and keep your garden and any large livestock hemmed in safely. For smaller pets such as dogs, some homeowners, who like the look of post and rail fences, request wire attached inside the fence.

Split rail fences give a rustic, casual look to any property and can provide a level of functionality as well. This type of fencing has been in use for centuries and continues to be popular today on ranches, farms and in rural residential use. This fence guide explores the details of split rail fences. Our goal is to give you the 

A front yard fence needs to give your home curb appeal and compliment its surroundings. 3 Fencing Styles. 3.1 Lattice; 3.2 Chain Link; 3.3 Picket. 3.3.1 White; 3.3.2 Scallop; 3.3.3 Spaced; 3.3.4 Other. 3.4 Split Rail. 3.4.1 Two Rail; 3.4.2 Three Rail; 3.4.3 Four . This dazzling high profile home is grey with large windows.

How to Build a Simple Split-Rail Fence The solution was to install a modest fence that would help contain my home while also giving it curb appeal. and ordinances, such as setbacks from your property lines and appropriate fence heights, you can decide where your fence will sit and how it will look.

Otherwise, your nice cedar color will fade to a dull, nasty grey. Why does this happen? There are two culprits: water and sun. Water erodes the outer layer of the wood cells that are still alive and well in a plank of cedar. They are busy producing the natural oils which gives cedar its nice color and smell.

Your split rail fence by Thomas Fence will give you the ultimate rustic look, with your cedar rails weathering to a beautiful silver gray. While they were traditionally used to corral livestock and horses, today these fences are a great choice to create decorative borders around landscaping and large lots. Choose two-rail or 

Gallery featuring images of 28 split rail fence ideas for residential homes, a selection of beautiful, rustic fences that don't cost a fortune.

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The Kalinich Fence Company is a distributor of 3-rail split rail fence and 2-rail split rail fences. range areas, along golf cart paths that wind through the fairways, or as a border fence anywhere that a subtle barrier in desired to enhance the look of your property. The grace of age will turn it an attractive silver gray color.

When your property has a relatively new fence around it, the fence sticks out like a sore thumb because it is so pristine. Rather than waiting years for it to age on its own, you can speed up the process by distressing the wood or giving it a whitewashed appearance. You may also wish to make your distressed fence fit in with 

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wood rail fences designs image of recent wood split board fence and split rail fence projects.

Today, most homes with a split rail fence are in the countryside. But the suburban areas are slowly picking it up as a way to add more charm to the curb appeal of a home. The primitive design of a split rail fence can give your home and yard a more rustic look, which is gaining in popularity. But there is more 

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