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There are so many amazing ways to use this Reclaimed Barn Wood Style Weathered Hardwood Rustic Boards to achieve a spectacular decorative rustic reclaimed wood look in your home. The barn wood wall ap 5 pc RECLAIMED WEATHERED OAK BARN LUMBER WOOD 1" THICK CRAFTING FREE SHIP. $32.99.

Viridian Wood Products produces tropical hardwood flooring, decking, paneling, and countertop material derived from salvaged wood sources, Back in 2004, Joe Mitchoff and Pierce Henley of Portland, Oregon, noticed that a lot of wood used for shipping manufactured goods — especially heavy iron and 

Extremely attractive decking boards which look, feel and are fitted like wood, yet do not host algae growth, rot, splinter or warp. support joists - stable, lightweight, corrosion- and impact-resistant - and easy-to-use, twist and lock adjustable pedestals made entirely from recycled materials, the system provides a height range 

Reclaimed Teak Boat Decking, Traditional Boat Decking Island Teak proudly offers Burma teak boat decking, available in standard sizes or custom milled to your specifications. Each order of teak boat decking from Island Teak comes shipped with instructions on how to lay your new teak deck. Island Teak is your source for 

Boat Building Lumber, Boat Wood, Wood for Boat Building, Top Quality Dense Grain Old Growth Boat Building Lumber from Ecologically Sound Recycled Lumber from Reclaimed Wood, Find Out More.

We hand-select our ship salvage from "ship breaking" yards around the world; items are actually salvaged from working vessels. All of our doors are salvaged from ships - passenger, ferry, yacht, merchant marine, etc. . Salvaged art and remnants from cruise ships, sounding boards, original deck plans and blueprints

We produce the highest quality reclaimed teak wood products, including flooring, furniture, tile, and wall paneling.

Buy Reclaimed timber from Oxford Wood Recycling - Soft & hardwood, ply, antique old beams for recycling, wood turning, furniture & building. Buying from us instead of using new timber means less environmental impact, deforestation, transport, shipping and reduced imports. It also saves the wood from landfill which 

Shipping your reclaimed sleepers to you is quick and simple we have a fleet of vehicles which are fitted with crane systems for offloading. Prices will vary depending on distance so please see our delivery options page or get in touch for a summary of costs. We have various reclaimed products available and you will be 

Excelsior Wood Products, LLC is a full service mill and lumber supplier specializing in antique and reclaimed wood. We have the capacity to produce and ship reclaimed flooring, custom moldings, sawn and hand hewn beams, architectural millwork and a wide range of other specialty wood products to customers across the 

Reclaimed from decommissioned Chinese fishing junks. After decades of exposure to the high seas and elements, the reclaimed boat wood from the hulls, decking, and beams of the boats reflects uniquely weathered colorations, cracks, oil marks and textures. There may be areas of the wood where the original patina has 

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We are a full service reclaimed lumber company, and we take as much care with shipping our product as we do crafting it. Call us today!

Providing outstanding beauty, strength & durability, Teak is the perfect choice of timber for all types of yacht & boat building. Teak is generally straight grained of medium texture and appears golden brown when first cut darkening with exposure to light & age. Teak has been the preferred timber for Decks, Rubbing Strakes, 

We are proud to be the world's leading manufacturer and the world's largest retailer of Forest Stewardship Council-certified 100% recycled teak. Reclaimed teak is wood which has originally been used for something else perhaps part of a building, a bridge or even ship decking which is no longer needed and so can be 

Based in Portland,OR Our Craftsman Create High Quality Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Tables, Wall Paneling, Flooring, and Communal Tables. From Rustic Barn Wood To Walnut, We Have it.

Viridian Reclaimed Wood's new Truck Deck line turns oak truck decking into flooring. The European Beech is derived from large-scale crates used to ship wind turbines and other steel cargoes from northern Europe and reclaimed locally from the Port of Vancouver. “The grain pattern in this beech flooring 

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