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Artificial grass has many benefits for playground safety. Covering the ground with playground turf keeps the area perfectly even and is maintenance-free. Artificial grass has a level and soft surface that doesn't have to be raked or topped off. It is also an incredibly safe place for babies and toddlers to play: Babies don't have 

Before choosing a playground surface, check out the pros and cons of common groundcover options for playgrounds play areas

Since health and safety standards have become more and more important throughout the UK, you will find that it is vital to ensure your school or nursery playground has some sort of safety surfacing installed to keep the children using the facility safe in the event they fall off equipment. The primary goal should be to make 

Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing is suitable for a wide variety of applications including: pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds, garden sheds, ute backs, ramps, Covers up to 1.5m2; Can be laid to any firm sub-base; DIY friendly 30-50 minute working time; Perfect for undulating surfaces; Proudly made in Australia using 

When maintaining a playground, it is equally important to ensure the ground or 'safety-surface' is as safe as the equipment. Children need a soft place to land when they jump or fall. If your playground already has a ground cover, or safety surface material, it's a good idea to get in the habit of checking the 

A playground surface is the material that lies under and around swings, slides, monkey bars and other playground equipment. The surfaces are usually made of wood or rubber and designed specifically for aesthetics, child safety, and or ADA wheelchair accessibility. Playground safety surfacing often involves the use of 

Looking for answers about modern playground spaces? We discuss the pros and cons of the top sustainable playground surfaces to help you choose.

Find and save ideas about Playground flooring on Pinterest. See more ideas about Backyard Safe-Play Tiles provide a fall height certified playground flooring surface made of durable recycled rubber tiles. Covered kids entertainment area with sandbox, chalkboard and colorful ball tubes. I would add a top to the 

Discover all the information about the product EPDM floor covering rubber for playgrounds for public spaces IMPACT SOFT 50mm - RECYCLED RUBBER OR EPDM - AUBICON - RUBBER FLOORING AND INSULATION MATS and find where you can buy it. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

Whatever your role in developing a children's play facility, you need to know what to use for playground ground cover. There are many good options that provide you with the best material for playground surfaces, but it's important to know there's no perfect solution. What's the right playground material for one application 

Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mat Outdoor Safety Flooring for Childrens Playground x 6. £130.00. Buy it now. £15.00 P&P. 6 x Heavy Duty Rubber Playground Safety Flooring Mat. Each mat is a massive 1500mm x 1000mm x 23mm thick! They cover 1.5m2 which is more than other products on the market. Suitable for 

Playground Surfacing. Surface America features the most complete line of rubber playground surfacing systems in the world. Our renowned PlayBound Poured-in-Place is the leading safety playground surface and comes with a 7-year or 10-year warranty. It has virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our versatile 

Keep playtime both safe and fun with this ultimate guide to playground flooring safety. Fall height safety ratings and other safety surface tips are covered to ensure your floor stays safe year round. Want to learn beyond safety? Check out our comprehensive Playground Flooring post to learn about safety, 

Loose fill covers are best, because unlike hard surfaces, their absorbing qualities can better cushion falls and also have better wear qualities. The U.S. Consumer 

Kids Health have published a comprehensive paper on playground safety. One of their recommendations is that the combined height of the playground equipment and the child standing on it should be no more than 12 feet. If it is any higher than that, no surface material will effectively prevent your child 

In order to be safe, the surface under all playground equipment should be soft. There's a variety of playground impact absorbing surface materials, and each has strengths and weaknesses. But there are two things they should all do: Comply with the Australian standards that cover playground surfaces, AS 

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