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Prefinished Hardwood Flooring vs. Unfinished Hardwood Flooring. Prefinished hardwood floors are not only aesthetically appealing, they are warranteed. Installation is quieter and cleaner and usually only takes one day, with no need to remove all the furniture from a room. The range of prefinished flooring materials and 

Can you re-sand and stain prefinished hardwood floors? Yes, hardwood flooring can be re-sanded and refinished multiple times, whether it came prefinished or was finished on site. Solid hardwood can be refinished more times than engineered wood can.

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We are remodeling our kitchen which involves opening it up to the dining and living rooms. These rooms have prefinished hardwood floors that we'd prefer to keep. We'd like hardwood in the kitchen but I don't like the beveled edges of the prefinished wood and I'm not convinced we would find a perfect

Learn about the restoration process and get hardwood floor refinishing tips to help you DIY or decide to go pro. Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself? It's difficult to control the sander, and while the bare floor may look fine after you've sanded it, the flaws will come shining through once the finish is done.

Prefinished oak flooring provides a durable surface in many homes. Over time, the surface of the flooring gets scuffed and scratched. The flooring may be redone using the same process as working with a regular hardwood floor that was stained and sealed after installation. Prefinished simply means the hardwood oak floor 

Recoating hardwood floors simply includes adding an additional protective layer on top of the floor's existing finish. Refinishing, however, involves sanding the floor's current finish down to the original bare wood and then adding a protective layer. As with any home improvement project, the cost of refinishing hardwood 

I am looking to refinish my engineered maple hardwood floors after having had a large dog stay with me a few months which resulted in many dog nail .. According to the builder, what we have is; blue ridge oak shale pre-finished engineered hard wood flooring in the entire condo except for the bathroom.

Because of this, there is less need for culling out boards on a well milled, stained prefinished solid hardwood floor. Difficult to resand refinish: The durability of the finish can be a double-edged sword. Since it's so durable, it can be quite difficult to remove. The aluminum oxide is also an abrasive. When buffing for a re-coat 

For those looking for a flawless finish, floors may need to be refinished every five years but it is worth noting that minor scratches and dents add character to hardwood flooring. Engineered prefinished flooring can be refinished at least two or three times. It is more stable and cheaper than solid prefinished 

Pre-finished products are usually available in three or four colors. The surface of pre-finished engineered floor has a hardwood veneer that is known as the “wear layer”. The layer may be thin or thick. The thickness of this layer will determine how many times refinishing can be done. In some products, refinishing is not refinishing - Professionals show what it takes to sand out bevels. Can it be done. Why? How much does it cost?

Home Refinishing Refinishing Beveled Hardwood Floors. Refinishing Beveled Hardwood Floors. Now that millions of prefinished beveled hardwood floors have been installed in homes across the USA, most notably Video on this page since the early to mid 90's, many homeowners aren't sure what to do. Should we 

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes with a factory-installed polyurethane coating that is very hard and durable. Warranties for prefinished wood floors may extend as long as 100 years, attesting to the wood's durability; consult your warranty before refinishing a floor. However, if the finish has worn down to bare wood and 

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors And thanks to the wide array of prefinished solid-wood flooring now on the market, it's never been easier to replace or find a match for your old floors. Since their appearance in the late 1940s, prefinished solid-wood floors have improved dramatically in look and performance. There's a 

I installed Bruce prefinished flooring in her home a couple of years ago. Needless to say I told her not to use water to clean her floors, but she did not listen. Now the flooring has become grainy in texture and dull. Since this is a laminate floor product, how would I go about refinishing them. I was told this could be done up to 

Where can I get a copy of the warranty for my Bruce Hardwood flooring? Is my Bruce warranty transferable? What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood? Can an engineered wood floor be refinished? What are edge treatments? If I have an issue with my floor, what do I do? If my question is not 

Find out the pros and cons of prefinished hardwood flooring in comparison with regular wood floors that are finished on site. In addition, the fact that the treatment will last longer means that you will not have to go through the time, mess and expense of getting the floors refinished a few years later.

Also keep in mind that Armstrong Flooring's prefinished floors won't need to be refinished as often as hardwood floors that were originally finished on site, because the factory finishing process results in a longer-lasting, more durable protective coating. To avoid the expense and trouble of refinishing hardwood floors as long 

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