install wood laminate over existing wood deck

Typically, old softwood floorboards will be warped and, or cupped making the surface irregular and therefore not the best support for your investment. There are basically two options you can consider. The first, if the existing floor is not too uneven, is laying the new solid wood floor over the existing boards at has step-by-step instructions on how to install a floating laminate floor. Laminate Floor Install 04:18. Save hundreds of dollars by installing acrylic laminate over old flooring. Most laminate flooring is made from wood fibers and pulp bonded to a plastic surface. There's a slew of style choices — from 

Solid hardwood (usually 3 4″ thick) must be installed only above grade to avoid warping and cupping. Laminates, however are more versatile giving you the look of wood above or below grade. Unlike hardwood, they can be installed over other flooring surfaces, meaning that you can install laminate over old kitchen 

We now have laminate wood flooring in the living area of the apartment. How did we do it!? Well, first of all we talked to our Land Lords before we started and assured them nothing permanent was taking place and they've seen it, so we're good. We didn't “install” anything, we just more or less laid a floor on 

Common decking screws or ring shank nails can be used to shore up some squeaks. For more intense problems it may be wise to call in a structural engineer. Older homes without modern foundations often settle severely. Newly fastened floors over existing wood floors should be installed opposite (example photo right) or 

If the boards on your existing deck are looking a bit worn - and the foundation and deck framing system are sound - you can simply replace the walking surfaces It's an ideal way to save time and money, while enjoying all of 's benefits over wood. Installation doesn't require any special tools, just a little inspiration.

Hardwood flooring boards (either solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring) can be fitted onto existing wooden floor boards. The hardwood flooring should run perpendicular to the existing floor boards to provide maximum strength and stability. Before installing a hardwood floor, ensure that the 

Like unfinished hardwood floors, the prefinished types typically have tongue-and-groove edges on all sides. They are available in 3 4-inch thickness, as well as low-profile styles that are 5 16- to 5 8-inch thick, which are a good or installing over existing flooring. Solid wood floors should not be installed in basements or 

Can I Install laminate over? Your guide to installing laminate wood flooring over every existing flooring type, from concrete to linoleum to porcelain tile.

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