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For rural, rustic locations such as on a trail or forest road, a nail-laminated timber floor for your bridge can be a good choice. U.S. Bridge will supply the timber, nails and attachment clips for the project. Treated lumber is used for the floor and is separated by a thin neoprene sheet to protect the weathering or 

24,492 timber deck steel stringer (LA count 62). 450 timber deck concrete or other stringer (LA count 22). 49,209 (~10.4%) utilize timber as a structural component in the superstructure. (LA count 2,152). Substructure. material data not included in NBI currently. Timber Bridge National Statistics 

Steel is widely used around the world for the construction of bridges from the very large to the very small. It is a versatile and effective material that provides efficient and sustainable solutions. Steel has long been recognised as the economic option for a range of bridges. It dominates the markets for long span bridges, 

Wood: Economical, rustic and natural, wood is specified on at least half the bridges Excel builds. Because it is light weight and can be installed with hand tools after the bridge is set, it is often the material of choice for bridges that might be moved, or are to be put in sites with difficult access. Top grade , (sometimes 

Contech Steel Bridge Plank provides a solid base for old and new structures, stiffens bridges laterally and provides a base for new pavement.

Top-rated in grade pressure treated southern yellow pine — standard on nearly all parts of the bridge. Used for its high density, Southern Pine has the highest specific gravity of all common structural lumber species, providing superior fastener-holding power and Composite and or recycled decking and railing material.

FRP is also being seen as a substitute for steel in reinforced concrete applications with the first steel-free concrete bridge deck slab in the world cast in 1995 on the Salmon River Bridge, part of the Trans Canada 104 Highway near Kemptown, Nova Scotia, Canada. The industry is gradually moving from the demonstration 

One of the primary reasons American Timber and Steel has become known as “The Timber Specialists” is our extensive supply of timber products for Bridges and Bridge Decks. With the unique size and strength requirements bridges present, American Timber and Steel is well poised to meet your needs. American Timber 

Timber Decks. Presented by Phil Pierce, P.E.. Associate and Sr. Prin. Engr. CHA Consulting, Inc. Albany, NY. 19th Statewide Conference on Local Bridges. Syracuse, NY Occasional use of 2nd flat layer on top. Provides wear protection of primary transverse decking. Longitudinal very common wear protection only.

materials and methods to fabricate a composite bridge deck based on a prototype devised by the University at of the material's innate resistance to deterioration (such as corrosion and fatigue). 17. Key Words. Fiber-reinforced polymer composite, FRP, bridge decking. 18. .. Place panels on top of prefabricated haunches.

on bridges requiring a lighter weight decking material. is best suited to handle the high impact and lateral forces encountered filled decking. Over 26,000 SF of 37R5 Lite serrated 5” x. 3 8” riveted grating with a galvanized finish was used on the Grosse Ile bridge deck por- tion of the project pictured to the bottom right.

control. One of the primary functions of a wearing surface is to protect the bridge deck. The surface material and thickness should be based on the expected weight and . deck. Open-graded mixtures provide no moisture protection and are not recommended. Specifications and mix designs suitable for timber bridges. 11-6 

Timber Bridges. Design, Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance. Michael A. Ritter, Structural Engineer. United States Department of Agriculture. Forest Service Technologist, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory. For contributions to Chapter 8, Terry Wipf, P.E., . 2.3 Longitudinal Deck Superstructures .

The main components of Ford's bridge includes [1] concrete abutment, [2] steel I-beams, [3] pressure-treated 4×12 stringers, [4]pressure-treated 4×12 decking, [5] pressure-treated 2×12 runners and [6] pressure-treated 4×6 curbs. Admittedly, there are good reasons for many of these regulations. In fact, I live 

A bridge deck or road bed is the roadway, or the pedestrian walkway, surface of a bridge, and is one structural element of the superstructure of a bridge. It is not to be confused with any deck of a ship. The deck may be constructed of concrete, steel, open grating, or wood. Sometimes the deck is covered with asphalt concrete 

And while the usage of FRP decking has grown, bridge owners have been challenged by cost premiums and bridge designers have been slower to accept the material. The following evaluations, case studies and competitions help bring into focus where FRP materials can provide the best fit and the 

Superstructure The superstructure is the upper portion of the bridge above the beam seats where you drive or walk. Its members include: Beams; Bearings; Curbs; Deck; Deck wearing surface; Floor beams; Girders; Parapets; Sidewalks; Traffic barriers; Trusses. Substructure The substructure is under the superstructure and 

Railings for Longitudinal Wood Decks. Madison, Wi: US. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service,. Forest Products Laboratory. FPL-GTR'87. Ritter, M.A.; Lee, P.D.H. 1996. Recommended Construction Practices for Stress-Laminated Wood. Bridge Decks. in Proceedings of the international Wood Engineering Conference, 

While composite reinforcing bars and grids have been used as a substitute for steel for years, a promising solution is to combine one or more composite elements together with concrete, to achieve a bridge deck system with the best characteristics of each type of material. The composites can be used to impart lightweight 

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