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Stair stringers are the beams that run diagonally and support the treads and risers of your staircase. Stair stringers reinforce the staircase and ensure that your stairs remain solidly in place. It is important to inspect the them from time to time and repair them if they're cracked, especially on staircases that get a lot of use.

I was at a client's house only to estimate a front-door replacement, but my eyes were drawn to the second-story deck. other problems: corroding hardware; missing hardware nails; inadequate ledger attachment and flashing; stair stringers pulling away from the frame; and loose, warped guard balusters.

Using the dismantled steps as guides, mark the positions of the stringers against the steps. By using these positions you will be able to build the stairs again knowing that when you come to connect them to the deck they will fit perfectly. Use a carpenters square to make sure you build the steps with the correct 90º angles. diy stair_rise.htm Click on this link for more do-it-yourself information on stair building and design. There are a few different ways yo

Unlike a porch, which is protected by a roof, its staircase is usually exposed to the weather and takes a licking over time. Repairing to Prevent Future Rot I cut a piece of pressure-treated stock and fastened it to the side of the damaged stringer, which stiffened it up and gave support for the new post.

Norm Abram explains how to fix splitting deck stair treads. Let's assume that your deck stairs were built to code, with a tread depth of at least 10 inches, a width of at least 36 inches, and no more than 7¾ inches from the top of each But if it is up to code, take an impact driver and unscrew the old treads from the stringers.

Hi guys this video is all about rebuilding stairs, & decks that has wood rot. Thinking your way I am no handy man but you videos make me a better shopper when it comes to home repairs. thanks again! I was wondering why you would not have rebuilt the stringers vs repairing? thanks great video..

Repairing deck stairs is not especially difficult because you will have the old, broken part to use as a template and the new part will fit. Step 1 Examine the Broken Part Before Step 6 Replace the Stringer. Replace the damaged stringer by using the new one to support the steps as the broken stringer is removed. Click on this link for more videos and information about stair building, repairs and new home construction. Sometimes the exterior would stair stringer will need to be replaced, but for those situations where the damage is minimal, you might be able to use the 

Home repair expert Henry Harrison helps a guest reinforce his wobbly front steps and replace them with stairs that are safer and better match the look of the self-tapping deck screws In this case the stair's instability was due to the fact the stringers were just resting in notches in the header instead of being secured. 4.

The first step is to remove the damaged stair or deck treads with a pry bar and hammer. Pull out any nails that might remain after removing wood. A woman's guide to deck repair - Some of the boards might take a bit of effort to remove and you just might have to put yourself in 

In this boat stringer repair guide, we'll look at what commonly goes wrong with and how to address it in the most straightforward, cost-effective way. Boat stringers refer to the wood underneath your boat deck that support said deck. Think of them as similar to the Step One: Inspect Your Boat Stringers.

My husband helped with a lot of the demolition of the deck, actually it was more like a deconstruction because we were saving the posts and stringers so we had to be careful removing the stair treads, railing, etc. I have a few tips on the subject if you plan to do the same in a short video here: DIY Deck Deconstruction. Repair 

how to repair your deck railing and stairs, decks, diy, home maintenance repairs. My husband helped with a lot of the demolition of the deck, actually it was more like a deconstruction because we were saving the posts and stringers so we had to be careful removing the stair treads, railing, etc. I have a few tips on the subject 

Stair stringers are the side boards that support the risers (the front of the step) and treads (the top of the step) of your staircase. If your stringer fails, the staircase cannot be safely used. Home maintenance should include a yearly inspection of safety related elements, such as stair stringers, to ensure that any damage is found 

The bottom few treads and risers were removed to expose the stringers (the structural boards that give the stairs support). Two of the three stringers had rotted from being exposed to moisture. Although the basement floor was now concrete, it was dirt when the stairs were built. The moisture from the dirt had rotted the lower 

Stair stringers support stairs on each side. (Image: Comstock Comstock Getty Images). Stair stringers are placed on a diagonal plane to reinforce each side of a staircase. Stringers support the treads -- the tops of the steps -- and the risers. Since stairs usually get a great deal of use, it's important to check the stair stringers 

Stair Stringer Defects: structural & safety hazards in stair & stair tread supports Stair Tread Support Choices & Relation to Stair Stringer Notching Photographs of stair stringer & stair tread support defects Rotted stair treads or stringers Stair Stringer Movement Hazards Unsafe Stair Tread-to-Stringer Connections Deck Stair 

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