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DIY Floating Bench. Hello! I hope you doing well! Last week I got in the mood to clean out my kids' closets (all four of them) . It's not something I get in the mood to do very often so I took advantage of this rare feeling and spent quite some time going through all of their clothes putting aside clothes that don't 

Shoe racks that sit on the floor don't always make the best use of space. Thinking back to our floating cabinet, it's helpful in a small space to keep the floor free and clear. Instead of a floor unit, try using wall-mounted racks or slim shelves to keep shoes up and out of the way, and hidden from normal view (which may be just 

Knowing that I wanted to make one of those barn beams into a floating bench, I looked for one that was just the right thickness with the right amount of character. What I found didn't disappoint! Once I got it home, my husband began planning on how we were going to make it appear “floating”. Because the 

8 floating. minimalist garden. Solid Iroko hardwood, 80mm high and 500mm deep, forms the seat of this unique, cantilevered bench in a Kensington garden. The elevation was built in three fitted sections, creating two ninety-degree turns, where we sought an entirely cantilevered appearance without 

This floating, wall-mounted timber desk gives you work and storage space, without taking up any space on the floor. It's easy to make and looks great with its minimalist styling and it's easy to make.

wedi Leak-proof & Mold-proof Tile Backerboards and Shower Systems.

Method 2. Build a Sturdy Floating Shelf to Use as a Workbench. to Build a Garage Work Bench. 1. Attach a long 2x4 (38×89 mm) horizontally to the wall studs. (If your wall is solid brick, stone, etc., this method will not help you). The length of the 2x4 will 

The Floating Built-In Kitchen Bench. When I first told Brian that I would love to have a bench built in to the kitchen wall, he asked me how I wanted it to look. In case you happened to click on over here thinking about making one of your own (or you just like DIY pics and or cute pictures of my children), below are a whole lot 

Rob's crew builds a floating workbench along the back wall of a garage.

Get the how to on creating this one of a kind DIY Geometric Wood Feature Wall with Floating Bench that makes a huge statement!

Barn Beam Floating Bench by The Wood Grain Cottage. Anthony just happened to mention one day about this local antique wood dealer and I immediately had to make the trip to look around. Oh my word, this place was amazing… and full of farm life history. There were stacks upon stacks of wood beams 

Build custom mudroom furniture using a prefabricated bench, floating shelf and mirror to achieve a unique solution for entryway clutter.

I came back from Haven a few weeks ago with this "I can" attitude and decided I am going to DIY a floating bench under my stairs.

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