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Are your decks, patios and other outdoor surfaces looking dirty, grimy or weathered? ConcrobiumXT Eco-Wash is a non-toxic cleaner that cleans and renews exte

If you're building a deck, look for untreated wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). That means it's taken from a sustainable timber operation that meets forest management standards. Cedar is a good choice because it is naturally weather resistant. Also consider plastic lumber made from 

These eco friendly deck designs can help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment! When considering an eco friendly material option for your deck, natural wood may seem like an obvious choice. . There is also a variety of design lines that exclusively use recycled materials to create deck and patio décor.

Design a 'green' railing. Use a line of low-to-the-ground, slim planters create an eco-friendly rail around your patio or deck Enjoy changing the look annually by experimenting with tall and or draping plants. slim recycled plastic planter 

Furthermore, from a green remodeling standpoint, outdoor living areas are prime candidates for green building practices, especially if low maintenance, long lasting, healthier, and more environmentally friendly decks, patios, and porches sound like a good choice for you and your home. The Cost of Green Decks, Patios, : Patio Eco-Friendly Wood Deck Box, Waterproof, Eucalyptus Finish, Storage Bench, Suitable for Storing Outdoor Furniture Cushions, Perfect for Garden, Backyard, Pool Area, BONUS E-book : Garden & Outdoor.

Helps restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface the organic way. Algon may be used any time of year. Best results are achieved when Algon is applied to a dry surface when rain is not expected. If using the concentrated solution, simply dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water. Apply with either a garden sprayer on 

There are dozens of ways to think 'beyond the porch' and incorporate beautiful, natural, and more sustainable decking solutions into your home. Mediterranean- and Mexican-paved patio, for example, uses the durable, low-cost, low-maintenance, and non-toxic recyclable materials of tile, concrete, and 

Thinking about re-surfacing your patio or building a new deck? Make your patio renovation green, literally and figuratively.

The deck provides a shady place where visitors can relax, eat, read and enjoy the various sights and sounds of the park. In keeping with the park's mission, the deck is made from sustainable materials. It was constructed from eco-friendly Brazilian wood, a hardwood that is extremely durable and resistant to mold, 

#1 Prepare Your Deck Or Patio Area; #2 Clean Your Screens; #3 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Patio Furniture; #4 Remove Stains From Canvas & Other Cloth; #5 Scrub Without Scratching; #6 Tackle Video: Cleaning Your Deck or Patio with Baking Soda, Vinegar and Water for Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

Eco decking is becoming increasing popular. There are many reasons for this the pros and cons of an eco deck are listed below. Eco Friendly Decking and Patios 

Learn how to turn your outdoor space into an eco-friendly dream. These tips will help you build a green deck, patio, or porch.

The gardening makeover TV shows of the 1990s have a lot to answer for, not least the craze for decking. One can only wonder how many trees were felled in the name of creating the "outdoor living room", as gardens with decking (and the ubiquitous patio heater) came to be known. Thankfully, this trend 

Welcome to the latest installment of my “All decked out” series of posts. The topic? A part of the home where the great outdoors and the green indoors meet: your patio, porch, lanai, deck, terrace, or whatever you might call it. So far, I've recommended outfitting your outdoor space with eco-friendly planters, 

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