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insulation board designed to be installed above waterproofing or roofing membranes in most plaza deck applications. STYROFOAM Highload 40, 60 and 100. An extruded polystyrene foam insulation board with high compressive strength developed specifically for in-ground application and freezer floors. The prod-.

for Floor, Pavements and. Specialty Joint Sealants. Typical application fields for above mentioned types of sealants are the following: ▫ Manufacturing industry (light, heavy, semi- conductor, food, etc.) ▫ Parking decks. ▫ Pedestrian areas. ▫ Special Applications (filling stations, air- fields, containment bunds, waste water.

Alongside its deserved market reputation, mastic asphalt offers superb value owing to its longevity and ease of installation. Highly suitable for car park applications it can withstand the heavy passage of vehicles that car park applications require and has high standards of skid resistance.

For more than 10 years, Porous Pave has proven to be an outstanding permeable paving solution for a wide variety of commercial, residential and public works applications: Parking Areas; Handicap Parking Pads; Traffic Islands and Median Strips; Loading Docks; Driveways; Sidewalks and Walkways; Pathways, Cart Paths 

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to lay a paver patio in your yard, from choosing the right pavers to laying and filling joints with sand. Remove all plant matter and you may even treat the area with weed killer before you begin paving. To ensure that water will run off the paved area and away from the 

Just as walls require sound foundations for construction, surfaces such as patios, paths and driveways also require a firm base. Foundation depth and type is purely dependent on whether the area will be used only for walking on, or whether cars will be driving or parking on it. Other considerations include the need for 

This parking lot installed in 2001 at Bannister Park, Fair Oaks, Calif., is the first in the state to use permeable paving. The Sacramento Cool Communities program was a partner in the project, which used pervious concrete for stormwater management and to reduce the urban heat-island effect. In about 10 years, the trees will 

Permeable pavement allows runoff to soak into the ground and filter naturally through the soil, preventing pollution from reaching our lakes and rivers See more ideas about VAST pavers: Manufactured using a zero-scrap, zero-pollution process, VAST deck pavers are environmentally sound from cradle-to-cradle.

higher price to install, compared to traditional asphalt pavements). This is possibly the reason why this type of paving is applied on such a large scale in the above-mentioned countries for: ▫ highways. ▫ city roads. ▫ special lanes. ▫ footpaths and cycle tracks. ▫ bridge decks. ▫ tunnel paving. ▫ etc. 2.5 Rooftop car parks. Actually 

Choosing to pave a surface, whether it is a driveway, blacktop court, walkway, or parking lot, offers home and business owners a variety of advantages beyond enhanced aesthetics and an easier time removing snow in cold climates. The material used matters, and asphalt is an economic, durable, safe, and recyclable 

If you are thinking about replacing your Driveway, Patio, Pool Deck or Walkway with Pavers or a Concrete Slab; Read this Comparison Article! Paving stones or brick pavers are individual sections made from various materials like natural stone, concrete or brick. Many of these pieces interlock, which makes for a flexible 

Find Concrete Driveway and Floor Contractors in Philadelphia, PA to help you Install Concrete Driveways and Floors. While you probably shouldn't park a car on it or cover it in oil, it will give your new living space the feeling of hardwood, but will be far less affected by things like excess moisture or temperature changes (a 

Residential & Commercial Flooring in JHB: We offer Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring & Superior Glue Down Vinyl Flooring. Call us for Residential & Commercial Flooring.

They include the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), PAVETECH Inc., UNI-GROUP U.S.A., Vibromax Equipment, interlocking concrete pavements. .. snow plowing equipment pose no problem for properly installed pavers. Versatile - They can be used for walks, patios, and pool decks, driveways, streets.

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