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Government continues support for Libyan coastguard despite attacks. Aid workers, used to false alarms over local fishermen, started to relax, making cups of coffee and snacking on biscuits until they could get back to work. But then the gunfire started. Benjamin Hargreaves, the Bourbon Argos's British deck 

The next few hours passed in a blur, as everyone on deck struggled to keep up with the number of people coming on board. The crew welcomed the migrants onboard in an assembly line: first they were relieved of their life jackets. Staffers handed them bags of emergency rations, including a blanket, warm socks, a towel 

It depends on constantly changing factors, they say the size of the boats they use, how many people they cram on board and the nationality of their passengers. But even then, the sums do not quite add up. Ahmed estimates his group's profits come to around 50,000 dinar per trip (£24,300), and in a busy 

On June 4, 2010 a letter of intent was signed between STX France and Libyan state-owned company General National Maritime Transport Corporation (GNMTC), to build one cruise ship similar to Fantasia and Splendida. Nominally named Phoenicia the vessel was to have a 120-ton shark aquarium integrated into the 

Libya also has some of the most beautiful corners of the Sahara Desert, from seas of sand the size of Switzerland and sheltering palm-fringed lakes (the Ubari After hotel pickup in southern Tenerife, your 3-hour tour begins as you board your yacht and sail or motor away from the port to the area where pilot whales are 

Lion of the Desert is an epic film about the conquest of Libya by the Italian fascist regime under Mussolini in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Production of . The residents of Kufra were aware of the approaching Italian force but they were not prepared for the size and intensity of the Italian attack. When the 

Voices from Libya: on board a rescue ship. In the second post in the series, Lea Main-Klingst continues her analysis of the human rights challenges faced by those fleeing across the Mediterranean. By Lea Main-Klingst · On November 24, 2017. Last week, I discussed the international framework underlying the right to seek 

Adam could see uniformed men with Kalashnikov rifles and a heavy machine mounted on the deck. “If anyone moves, we're going to shoot the boat and all of you are going to die,” one of the men from the Libyan coast guard shouted in Arabic. The boat people had no choice but to allow themselves to be 

There are no ordinary days for the search-and-rescue boats off the coast of Libya. As the first women arrive on board they throw themselves on to their knees and kiss the deck. Others The dead have suffocated below deck, due to the heat of the engine and the fact they've been packed in like sardines.

The force does not appear to be coordinating actively with nonprofits, even though it maintains extensive surveillance capacity over the area between the Libyan cities of Zuwara and Misrata, where many refugee boats depart from, and its own reports bluntly state the lethal reality for refugees leaving Libya.

Both the length and maximum water depths along the route have set new records for the Mediterranean Sea. Installation of Bahr Essalam's fixed production platform also involved the world's heaviest lift of an integrated deck. Keeping the load within the limits of the crane vessel Saipem 7000 was one of the 

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