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FLOR Carpet Tiles: Their modular carpet tiles are great for covering up ugly hard flooring, but — unfortunately — they're not meant to be used on top of carpeting. Shown: A Hint and A Whisper Tiles, $6.69 sf. Eco Woods: If you've got an outdoor patio or a bathroom floor that needs to be covered, these 

Adding a finished material to the concrete part of your foundation does the trick, but what about the areas around your decks and other structures that protrude out from your home? These create empty spaces underneath where you can catch glimpses of that ugly foundation peeking out. Cover it up with some gorgeous 

Build a window cornice to hide ugly drapery rods and add a touch of polish to your windows. Get the tutorial here. Share On 5. Cover up an AC unit with a chalkboard cover. · Share On .. You can actually paint any ugly tile floors you're not crazy about. Does anyone actually like that 

What To Do With an Ugly, Cracked Concrete Patio. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your patio space, consider covering that concrete slab with attractive tiles made entirely of recycled materials. Multy Home .. Build a deck right over an old, ugly patio for a beautiful backyard upgrade!:

Well, we finally finished staining our concrete patio to look like tile! How to As I was trying to decorate the patio with furniture, I just couldn't get pass how ugly the floor looked. So I got on my sore knees again, and applied a second coat of stain by hand with a rag to try and cover up the brush strokes.

Backyard Makeover! How to paint You mix it up with water in a bucket, then slosh it on and use a stiff-bristled broom to kind of sweep it round and cover the whole surface. I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to see that grimy, ugly concrete (AKA: THE BUNKER) disappear beneath the light grey paint.

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