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While that can save a considerable amount of money, it's important to choose a material that has the proper strength to hold up against the abuse a basketball court will receive, or that cost benefit may be offset by repair and replacement bills. Hardwood Finish: A basketball court needs to be as flat as 

The timber is cut to the desired dimensions and either packed unfinished for a site-finished installation or finished at the factory. The moisture content at time of manufacturing is carefully controlled to ensure the product does not warp during transport and storage. A number of proprietary features for solid wood floors are 

Sport Court is the industry leader in sport court floors, basketball court flooring, and has been building professional or home basketball courts since 1974.

You can get an excellent alternative to traditional wood gym flooring without the need to concern yourself with re-surfacing. Get the traction, shock absorption and even look of a suspended hardwood floor, minus the splinters. Bring out the all star in your team of champions. Sport Court Flooring in Stadium Facility Gym Floor 

Results 1 - 10 of 18 Outdoor Sports tiles are a low cost option to providing safe and customizable flooring for outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and much These outdoor gym floor tiles, when interlocked, will create a seamless flooring surface which will provide more shock absorption than standard 

When we think of a solid Hardwood flooring we generally think of the standard strip red oak wood flooring that is 3 4" thick by 2 1 4" wide, but solid Hardwood flooring is also available in various sizes from 3 to 6 or more inches wide (called plank floors). Prefinished versions of solid wood flooring are available in various 

But this will also be the first real wood floor I've ever laid. (I've done lots Most apartments had beautiful hardwood floors that needed to be stripped of the old varnish, and sealed with polyurethane. . He somehow also bought a used high school basketball court floor and had it installed for next to nothing.

See more pics & details here: plywood-plank-floors Subscribe for more DIY Dork videos! One of the best things we've done during renov

If you're looking to install a basketball hoop for your child or even yourself, there are many options for any budget. Whether you want to install a full basketball court or just the goal itself, it's important to plan ahead and budget for installation cost. Blue basketball court with Michael Jordan logo. Custom 

Do it yourself or professionally installed basketball courts, and tennis courts for self installation or professional installation. High quality Athletic Court Surfaces at extremely affordable pricing.

How to design and Install a basketball court from a stencil kit or by pouring a concrete pad and assembling sport tiles or painting the lines. If you are a little ambitious and would like to do the concrete work yourself, we have put together the following resources to help you along the way. Find A Local Concrete Contractor 

Read this article to understand the 6 most popular options for basement gym flooring. Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring does not collect dust, sweat smells, and germs. Hardwood Flooring. Hardwood flooring is sturdy enough to support heavy exercise equipment. It is the same flooring that that is used on basketball courts.

Fun boy's playroom basketball court with painted blue ceiling, sliding door on rail, glossy wood basketball floors, red basketball hoop and blue poufs. Ha if I had a .. If you've found yourself dreaming about having a home basketball court in your backyard, you've probably also found yourself having a few doubts about.

A common misconception about installing a new wood gym floor is how long it takes. Most people think it can be done in a week or so, but they would be wrong. It is a 6 week process. Sounds long, doesn't it? Don't worry, once we explain all the steps involved, you'll understand why we need 6 weeks to do 

The cost to refinish your hardwood floors in Brooklyn is reasonable and based on a price per square foot of floor space factoring in the condition of the existing floors. Often, our cost including materials and labor to refinish your hardwood floors is less than the do-it-yourself cost, once you add up the floor sanding equipment 

VersaCourt offers a review of the elements that factor into determining the cost of building a backyard basketball court.

If you are not an avid do-it-yourselfer, perhaps tackling the challenge of a hardwood floor yourself isn't the right way to save money. In fact it may cost you more money and time, Maple is often used for basketball courts and dance floors because it is resilient to pounding feet. It is a great choice for high traffic areas and for 

Indoor and Outdoor Do-It-Yourself Basketball Court Flooring Options from Greatmats. Comparing Raised Wood Grain Floor Tiles - Modular Woodgrain Tile Comparison, ProCourt vs. Creating a basketball court out of Greatmats' sport court tiles is an easy DIY project, which lets you save on steep installation prices.

As you may know, there almost always are pros and cons to taking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. The positive side of a DIY effort is usually the cost. For home improvement projects, labor is often the single largest expense. Installing a hardwood floor yourself would eliminate this cost. Besides cost, there are other factors 

Installation Costs. Wood floors have a higher installation cost than synthetic sports surfaces, but the mere image of gleaming hardwood courts can factor "Ask yourself what you are going to do on that floor," says Tom Mitchell, general manager of Action Floor Systems, a manufacturer and distributor of both hardwood and 

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