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However, unlike carpet, ceramic tile will only add to the lack of heat that is common to a basement. Therefore, it may be necessary to consider heating options. Wood floors are also a beautiful basement flooring option. But if they're being installed over concrete, then it will be necessary to choose a kit that allows for the floors 

(completely cover concrete, Until we see a better solution developed we will always recommend engineered wood floors over a concrete subfloor. We just installed strand bamboo over c1952 tile (mastic glue probably had asbestos so didn't disturb), on concrete slab, after having carpet removed.

Does not guarantee mold will not form between the vapor barrier and the concrete. IF you use a snap flooring version, can be taken up if it gets saturated and dried, then put back in. Not so with glued or nailed versions. Some people also use snap or interlock together rubber or foam flooring over a vapor 

Four Ways to Cover Concrete Floors: There are four ways to cover concrete. Each of these provides a distinct look, with benefits and differences we will examine. For even more information, read types of overlays. Have you ever considered concrete or a concrete topping as a floor covering? For the most part floor coverings 

Carpeting is the most basic form of concrete floor covering. Carpets are considered an affordable, budgeted floor-covering option. Carpets can be cut and sown across demanding corners edges to render a uniform appearance to the floor. If you have well-finished (uniform) concrete floors, a carpet-cover can be easily 

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Flooring. Are you in the market for something low maintenance, inexpensive, and easy to install? If so, you might want to consider an epoxy sealant over your concrete floors. There is a trade-off. The floors will remain hard and cold. However, epoxy is not affected by water damage.

I would use three to five colors of concrete paint to make a "tile" or "vinyl" look floor. My dad's house was done this way 22 years ago, and the floor still looks great. Vinyl look is the easiest. Remove everything from the room, and cover anything you don't want paint to splatter onto. Use a neutral color like vanilla cream or an 

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