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Small garden ideas - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends. Let us talk you through our ideas to make your small garden a big success. . Ideal for small gardens, they can line paths, create cosy, inviting spaces, when wrapped around parasols, fences, trees and more.

I love the idea of using baskets in soft-grey rattan for planting. These have been simply lined with plastic bin bags, with their bottoms pierced for drainage. -- Modern Country Style: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden Click through for details. Find this Pin and more on Outdoor Living by 4ddodd. White fence reflects heat, for a 

That's why I haven't planted my other veggies yet, the fear of Mr. rabbit eating everything before it can even grow was too high! And that's where we decided to put up a small garden fence. Now, we didn't have that many options for the area I have as a garden. My garden has a curve on the left-hand side, 

cheap garden fences Simple Wooden Fences Can Be Painted to Give a Splash of Color. Fencing a small vegetable garden is relatively simple. Calculate the costs of cheap garden fences before beginning the fencing project to make sure the design stays within your budget. The size of the fence may vary depending on the 

Put the collar on your pet, and if it gets close to the fence's perimeter, the pet receives an audible warning signal through the collar. Wireless pet fencing is also available. Hex netting is a lighter, inexpensive option for protecting a garden. For those looking to keep animals out, the smaller mesh size of the 1-inch hex netting is 

With that in mind, we looked at some of the best value fencing solutions being used by landscape architects and collected them all in this one handy guide. If you need to blur the lines between you and your neighbours' garden but would rather have some cash left over at the end, read on and choose the 

UP-CYCLED BIKE PLANTER: Don't throw it - grow in it! An old bicycle can be repurposed with micro container gardens and even used as a trellis for a climber like a grape vine. Mounted on a fence, you can create your own garden art feature. More ideas & tut 

See more ideas about Yard lighting, Decorative garden fencing and 40 DIY Halloween decorations. Well now! I've got lots of candle jars from our old homes an now we have no trees in our yard but we do have a wood fence along the back! .. See more. Render walls planting small garden design painted fence London.

Make small gardens feel bigger. White fences or walls enclosing a small space can feel confining, while darker hues tend to visually sink into the background. In this Sydney garden, a small deck outside the kitchen window has just enough room for a cafe table for two. Painting the wall a medium charcoal 

Fencing is versatile and has many uses in the small-space garden. High panels of solid fencing can be used to create a wall-like barrier that will provide privacy and shelter. Fences are also cheaper, easier to erect, and lighter than walling-in your garden (thus ideal for roof-spaces and balconies). Openwork fencing, or trellis 

The main purpose of fencing may be practical but the material you choose to make your boundary will enhance the look of your garden and home. Horizontal Venetian fencing that has closely spaced is also useful for screening a fence straightaway. Small shrubs will do a similar job but grow more slowly.

So I put the smooth side of the fencing near the tomato plants the most frequently picked vegetable in our garden. garden fencing. While I was working on this in the garage, Jack decided to treat himself and sneak off with a small piece of wood I had laying around. Don't worry, we took the piece of wood away from him.

Use the same finish on the fence and decking for a cohesive feel, but don't worry about lining up all the planks. You don't want it to look too planned out. Hanging a mirror will reflect sunlight and add interest to your fence it's also a neat trick for making a small garden appear bigger than it is.

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