floors over existing pool

Find out how to tile over vinyl flooring on a plywood subfloor by installing cement backer board directly on top of the vinyl followed by ceramic tile.

It's easier to install vinyl floor if you remove the existing floor. But if you hate the idea, you can install one over the other.

Create a flexible new space over your pool. A swimming pool is the perfect place to relax, entertain and exercise. Using our innovative hard swimming pool covers you can transform your existing pool into a great new space for a range of uses. Stage Systems have installed Pool-dek worldwide, creating pool coverings for a 

Ceramic Tiling with Optima, Isoflex and X56 on Particleboard Plywood Sheet Timber Flooring [TB168] download. AS4992 Tile Adhesive Treatment and Tiling over Existing Tiles of Swimming Pool Internals [TB181]. Bonding Waterproofing of Concrete Swimming Pool Internals with Ardex WPM002 [TB088] download.

There's a restaurant near us where vinyl tiles were clearly laid over existing ceramic without any leveling compound or other effort at smoothing. Over the entire floor, every curve of the underlying tile and grout is visible and the vinyl tiles have fine yet noticeable cracks where they obviously couldn't handle 

There are a wide variety of reasons, but the main is that the adhesive for the new tiles may not stick as well to the existing tiles as a concrete bedding because of the humidity, movement or condition of the existing floor or wall. Tiling over existing ceramic tiles in your bathroom is a great way to save a bit of 

It can be painted over any previous type of pool paint (epoxy, rubber or acrylic) and should last about 2 - 3 years. Whichever Be sure to open any hydrostatic relief plugs in the floor or main drain. Wash the pool again with TSP; this step will neutralize any remaining traces of acid, and remove the glaze from existing paint.

This unique one of a kind structure was used as a temporary dance floor elevated over the existing swimming pool at the Kenwood Country Club. The dance floor is made of clear acrylic supported on a structural steel grid spanning the existing pool.

Do you remember in "It's a Wonderful Life" when Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed fell into a pool hidden underneath a retractable gym floor? Here's the scene to refresh your memory.

Pool plaster is not structural, but is the waterproofing membrane over top of the porous concrete pool shell. Most pool plaster repairs can be done by the Chisel some divots and pock marks into the surface that will be patched to help your new plaster patch bond to the existing surface. Acid wash the surface to be repaired.

LVP is thinner than ceramic tile, wood and other types of flooring and doesn't require an underlayment, so it's possible to go over existing flooring without raising the floor much (see “Watch Your Floor Height” . Keep in mind that extremely heavy items like fully loaded bookshelves or pool tables will pin the flooring down.

And that's to simply cover the existing patio flooring surface with tiles or pavers, not using adhesives or thinset, but employing the 'floating floor' method. Maybe you've been told you can't lay patio tiles over a cracked surface, but the floating floor method completely eliminates this issue. There's a few options to consider, and 

If your old ceramic tile is worn or dated, you can lay new tile right over the old, and avoid the huge job of tearing out the old tile. This assumes that the floor underneath is solid (concrete) and that there are no cracks in the existing tile (indicating underlying problems in the concrete). In fact, pros do it all the time. Surface 

Tiling over tile is usually a much easier and cheaper solution than pulling up your original tiles and re-tiling your floor or wall. One advantage of doing this is that it is time-saving. You do not have to allot work-hours to pull up the existing tiles which means the tiling work can be finished much faster and all without the big 

The decks are built to normal building standards for floors and decks and usually far exceed structural requirements, in fact most exceed commercial requirements for floor loading because of the way they are actually built. You may want to put a spa on top of it, or drive over it. In those situations, we may want to reinforce it a 

This is because in order to properly install a new fiberglass pool in an existing vinyl structure, the entire old structure must be completely torn out. This means the liner, wall panels, vermiculite floor, etc need to be removed. Once this is accomplished, the hole must be brought up to the proper grade with 

Hi, I'm renovating my tiled pool and would like to know if it is possible to tile over the existing tile? The majority of the existing tiles look to be in okay condition - just very dated - and the odd one has a hairline crack. But generally they are very well stuck down. If I run an angle grinder over the old tiles to 

UV Protection: Pool deck paint protects your deck from the harsh rays of the sun, and the damage that it can cause over the years. Weather Protection: Rain and The main advantage to a pool remodel is to revamp the look of the pool and backyard area without having to replace the existing pool. While this can't be done 

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