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Superior performance means Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking significantly outlasts our competition, which in turn means less energy andmaterials consumed during the building's life cycle. Protection is an integral part of the building envelope. Tufdek waterproof decking products protect the structure from the 

Vinyl Decking, the right choice for a waterproofing system that will protect your investment and save you valuable time. standing the test of time, we have gained a practical knowledge on how to provide the proper preparation and installation methods that guarantee protection of the wood deck and the building envelope.

Explore your options for vinyl decking, and browse HGTV for helpful pictures of this low-maintenance, economical decking material. Materials: Vinyl Decking. Find out all you need to know about one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance decking materials: vinyl decking. Other Building Materials for Your Deck.

Deck Craft, LLC installs the most beautiful backyard decks. Choose from vinyl decking, composite decking, or wood decks. Learn about the pros and cons now.

Prior to commencement of your vinyl decking installation please consult your local building code to ensure that you are following the correct installation regulations for your area. Home-Rail has fully trained installation crews that have completed our intensive training program and are fully qualified to install vinyl decking on 

Since 1974, Duradek has supplied sheet vinyl waterproofing for 100,000's of homes and buildings throughout North America, so we know the particular nuances of deck and flat roof waterproofing details. We understand building code requirements, the importance of protecting the investment in your home, and where the 

We are the only deck installation & vinyl decking company in WNY and Upstate NY licensed to carry VEKA products: VEKA only allows the biggest and best to durability and surface burning characteristics, VEKAdeck has been shown to be a superior decking surface when installed in accordance with local building codes.

If you are considering the reliable, low maintenance advantages of sheet vinyl for your deck waterproofing solution, you may be presented with the idea that a thicker vinyl is better waterproof protection for your deck; but that is not necessarily accurate. With vinyl decking, it is best to refer to building code requirements as 

Deck photo gallery showing installation details for Tufdek waterproof decking and vinyl deck flooring products: corners, drains, edgings, flashings, etc. With a professional Tufdek vinyl decking installation you'll be left with a waterproof deck surface that looks great, protects your home or commercial building, and offers 

Installation Details. Vinyl deck installation details developed through Duradek's 40 years of waterproofing experience come with unsurpassed installation techniques for moisture management. The integration of the membrane into the building envelope brings complete waterproof assurance.

Tips for constructing your deck successful and tips for installing Dek-Master, waterproof vinyl decking from Ducan. Our vinyl deck covering is easy to apply, low maintenance, and long lasting. Different regions have different requirements for depth: check your local building codes. It is acceptable to use precast pier blocks 

Our single-ply PVC membrane system provides your project with a superior method of protecting surfaces - ground level patio, an elevated deck or even a roof deck. Our Guarantee. All H2O VinylDeck PVC membranes come with a 10-year limited warranty and meet the current building code requirements of Can CGSB 

Vinyl Deck Installation. Great results start with great planning. If you're looking at covering your deck with vinyl and want it to look great and retain its integrity for years to come, preparation and planning for your installation is highly important. Here is an outline of the basic process with a few installation pointers to help.

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