remove exterior deck over a floating floor

On soft ground it is possible to make a simple foundation of paving slabs bedded on gravel to support the deck and preserve the timber. Before you start laying this foundation, remove any vegetation and grass and lay a landscaping fabric. Mark, cut and lay out the outer frame first using decking bearers. Ensure the frame 

Removing laminate is a fairly easy job, but laminate floorboards can be quite fragile. Learn how to remove You might want to remove your laminate flooring so you can replace with a new type of flooring or to replace any damaged boards. When removing This should leave the nail sitting above the timber. Then you can 

If the floor is glued down, be sure you remove all of the adhesive before installing laminate flooring. Natural stone (marble, travertine, etc.): It depends. if completely smooth and above ground, then yes; if textured or rough, no. Outdoor floors, porches, patios or decking of any kind: Never. Laminate flooring is indoor flooring 

"Floating decks" are so called because, rather than being attached to a building as are standard decks, they are just "floating" free out there, all on their own. Not only are they This requires removing the siding of your house in that area (that is, if your house is covered with clapboard, vinyl siding, MORE 

The planks go down fast, over virtually any material—concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, even ceramic tile. There are several floating floor materials available, but if you want real wood, the best choice is engineered flooring. Or, you can remove the baseboard, lay the flooring, and then reinstall the baseboard on top.

Remove moldings, wall base and shoe trim. This may be a good time to update molding with something that complements your new floor. The new flooring may add height to the floor. In that case, you'll need to undercut casings and jambs where necessary. To do this, first set a scrap piece of laminate flooring on some foam 

How To Install Decking. Decking can be installed on an easy DIY basis. Our step-by-step guide explains how. Posted on. Example of outdoor decking You can either build your deck as a stand-alone feature to take advantage of the gardens sunniest spot, or extend your internal floor space by attaching a deck to the front, 

Unlike hardwood, they can be installed over other flooring surfaces, meaning that you can install laminate over old kitchen linoleum or tile, provided the floor is Leaving out the essential element of an outside gap can cause the buckling of the individual laminate flooring planks as the planks push outward against walls or 

In a matter of hours, you can transform a tired balcony, porch, or sundeck from boring and ordinary to a stunning outdoor living area your family and guests will love. The best part is that you can lay deck tiles over existing wood deck or concrete floor no preparation necessary. Replacing damaged tiles is easy.

If you prefer the look and feel of a glued-down hardwood floor (T&G) then you really should remove the tile and thinset first, for many reasons including issues with adhesion, warranty, and the increased height of the new floor at the doorways, appliances etc. A floating wood floor is certainly an option for you 

There are several tools that can be used to remove flooring adhesive, including: Hand Scraper: A simple hand floor scraper has a metal blade mounted on a handle. Using one can take a lot of work, so be sure to wear gloves to avoid blisters. Reciprocating Saw: When equipped with a scraper attachment, such as the 

For example, you can install some types of laminate flooring over concrete, ceramic, sheet vinyl, wood or asbestos tile. You can even install floating floors over several layers of existing flooring. You must, however, remove carpets and carpet padding before installing a floating floor. Since products vary 

In 2012, long-term customers asked me if I could install a tile floor on their wood-framed porch. I've installed tile over wood-framed After removing the old, temporary plywood, I attached the new T&G sheathing to the framing using 2-inch deck screws and construction adhesive. In applying the adhesive, 

If the boards on your existing deck are looking a bit worn - and the foundation and deck framing system are sound - you can simply replace the walking Installation. Over time, wood decks inevitably show signs of aging such as warping, cracking and nail pops. Here are the steps you need to take to reface your deck.

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