clean black mold of composite decking

This step by step walk through shows you how to clean composite decking and then how to seal composite decking. of these older composite lumber products were manufactured without any type of mildewcide in their formulas and now the problems have become obvious —unsightly black mildew spots everywhere.

The following brands of deck cleaners have been found to be effective in removing mold from decking: Olympic Deck Cleaner Expert . Hi Debra, With green algae stains you'll start seeing results within a few days, when it comes to mildew spots or black mold, it'll take a little bit longer but the beauty is 

It is extremely important for the composites to “thoroughly dry”, as stated on the Corte Clean label directions, especially if common black mold stains or other fungus stains exist, prior to using Corte Clean. Posted 4 months ago. Anonymous. Verified Buyer. "This Deck Cleaner is one of the very few cleaning products that 

Rather, composite owners choose to believe claims that composites are absolutely “NO MAINTENANCE” and will never need to be cleaned. Unfortunately these composite owners don't find out that most composites get dirty, with all kinds of common stains, including those from common black mold stains and other common 

Try a product called Wet and Forget. Over time the enzymes will take care of the mold. You just spray it on with a sprayer and leave it alone. No scrubbing. My deck is always black with mold to which I would scrub with a deck cleaner every spring with very little affect. Last summer I sprayed the Wet and 

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