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HGTVRemodels advises you on whether old hardwood floors are worth saving. Learn how to tell when interior hardwood floors are worth saving or replacing. "Wood is good" when it comes to floors, says John Lessick of Apex Wood Floors in Downers Grove, Ill. It's beautiful, natural, hypoallergenic and long-lasting, and 

Parquet refers to a type of flooring that is created by taking very small slats of wood and arranging them in distinct, repeating patterns. The wooden pieces are generally formed into tiles of varying shapes and then installed in such a way that the individual pieces all contribute to a greater, concerted pattern 

I used my miter saw to cut 20 pieces of wood the length of my shower (34 inches), and four pieces the width of my shower (35.25 inches). How to make a removable cedar shower floor mat. Next I took one of the four support pieces (the 35.25-inch pieces) and marked the spacing for the slats. This was a bit 

Because water trickles through the slats into a large shower pan, a wood floor conceals unsightly drains, making way for a fluid, minimalist statement. With less splash back, a doorless, Poor House Interior Design. 2. Add a few indoor plants, and a wood-filled shower can quickly become a Zen-like refuge.

Do you love wooden floors but want an affordable solution that won't cost you thousands of dollars? I know it is possible to sand (don't forget to always use a respirator) and seal the pallet planks to make them safer for indoor use but rather take my advice and stick to pallets that are heat treated (no 

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish (Set of 10), Long 9 Slat - - Genuine solid Teak wood (Tectona Grandis) in oil finish; Great for indoor or outdoor application; EZ-Floor interlocking system. No tools required for installation. 10 Piece Set - enough to cover 10 

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